Anticipating World Cup problems will help prevention

Dear Editor, Mr. Clarke’s letter captioned “These international events will test the nation’s character” (07.01.11) is on target when he calls for better standards of behaviour and greater effort from all Guyanese to make the upcoming international events a success and not a black mark on Guyana.

We will miss Pandit Gossai

Dear Editor, We felt a mixture of joy and emotion for this Hindu icon Shri Prakashji or Guruji as he is commonly called by his ardent followers when he was accepting a proclamation from the Congressmen of the city of New York and best wishes from a number of highly recognized organizations including GOPIO and ICC and well wishers for taking up a mandate he was offered to serve the people of Guyana in the capacity as advisor to the president.

There should be an inquiry into timber pricing as Minister Robert Persaud had promised

Dear Editor, Vivek Persaud writes in his letter captioned “There is ansolutely no evidence of transfer pricing of timber” (07.01.11) in terms which are eerily reminiscent of the export log industry in Papua New Guinea (PNG) at the time of the judicial inquiry (Supreme Court Judge Tos Barnett’s 1987-9 “Commission of Inquiry into Aspects of the Timber Industry in Papua New Guinea”).

Beating of animals is quite common

Dear Editor, I saw a young man mercilessly lashing a little donkey with a cutlass on the Better Hope railway embankment last Sunday.

We must all take more safety precautions

Dear Editor, A new store has been robbed that had no adequate security provisions and the proprietor attributes this action to what he feels is our continued economic problems and this whole Value Added Tax thing and fears that crime will only increase.

Orinduik Falls does not fall within our purview

Dear Editor, Further to your publication of a letter captioned “Our tourism sites must be properly maintained” (07.01.04) which you sent to us for comment we wish to make the following clarification and comments: * Orinduik Falls does not fall within the purview of designated public parks that are managed by the National Parks Commission.

Barama should do more for Guyana

Dear Editor, Mr Trevor Atkinson in his letter captioned “Barama came in at a time when investment was badly needed and has been in the vanguard of sustainable forest management” (06.12.16) sought to justify the deal with and presence of Barama, by also citing the ‘good deeds’ or ‘fringe benefits’ of the company to the local community.

Businesses should not lose because of VAT

Dear Editor, I see with the implementation of VAT, the business community is coming out to say that the GRA was misleading us about 30 percent C-Tax items only.

Vicious And Traumatic (VAT)

Dear Editor, The year seems to have started in confusion since this VAT has descended upon us.

VAT has become synonymous with chaos

Dear Editor, I am enclosing a bill from a supermarket to highlight how businessmen are devising ways and means to take advantage of the many misinformed consumers concerning VAT.

Most of the community policing groups on the east coast are dormant

Dear Editor, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee said at a meeting with community policing members at Annandale in December, 2006, that he is challenging East Coast policing groups to do more about crime, he also said that groups are not doing enough to stop crime in their villages, and that crime has increased on the east coast over the years.

Some more food items should have been zero-rated

Dear Editor, When reading the list of zero-rated food items in the papers, you wonder what was going on in the Ministry of Finance and in the government generally as they come up with it.