I am not satisfied with this investigation

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter captioned “Policeman did not testify at the Suddie Court because case was adjourned” (07.09.07) and the detailed response from the police which referred to an investigation conducted by the police office of Professional Responsibility (OPR)which found that the policeman was not to blame for not being present where he was called to give evidence.

Still waiting for a good water supply

Dear Editor, The residents of Block 8, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara have for years been begging for a reasonable supply of potable water and good streets.

PNCR trying to hijack the Bill

Dear Editor, I was dissappointed but not surprised to see the PNCR stoop to a major low by trying to hijack the Freedom of Information Bill, from Mr.

An impressive exhibition

Dear Editor, The just concluded exhibition by the 2007 Burrowes school of arts graduands at the Umana Yana was quite impressive.

Protesting students should not be punished

Dear Editor, I was reading the Chronicle yesterday and it says that the Minister of Education is going to punish the students of PC who dared to protest.

Unhappy with service at some Demico outlets

Dear Editor, I have decided to write this letter after months of in-depth contemplation about the cost and benefits to the Demico chain of fast-food outlets – mainly those in Georgetown – and to the buying public.

Magistrate should have recused himself

Dear Editor, We are disappointed in the conduct of Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys in the handling of the Vilton Bourne matter with the pit bulls.

GuyExpo is very disruptive to residents

Dear Editor, Before GuyExpo started, residents of Lamaha Gardens in close proximity to the Exhibition Site were sent a letter from the Ministry of Tourism.

The PNCR must develop a strategy to attract disaffected Indian voters

Dear Editor, Mr. Tacuma Ogunseye’s captioned, “A multi-racial front against the government is not possible,” (07.10.02) raised an important issue that needs some serious debate that is, what approach the long overdue and inevitable mass protest action against the increasingly undemocratic nature of the current PPP administration should take.

What does DirecTV offer?

Dear Editor, I am a subscriber to Direct TV, and have been so for approximately one year.

The top leadership decides the presidential candidate

Dear Editor, Your Sunday article, concluding on the basis of a poll of one third of PPP MPs that Ralph Ramkarran is the PPP leader having the most support for nomination as the next Presidential Candidate for the PPP is hardly scientific.

Woolley House

Dear Editor, With reference to the article on QC’s upcoming school sports which was published in the October 4 edition of Stabroek News, we would like to offer a correction to the spelling of the name of one of the houses.

Equipment stolen from Guynec ground

Dear Editor, Visiting the El Dorado match between Berbice and Demerara at the Stadium on Sunday I was surprised to hear that equipment bought with Stanford funds was stolen from the Guynec Ground.

Sport Letter

Dear Editor, Why is the Kashif and Shanghai Organis- ation crying foul now that they may not be able to host their annual football competition this year?

Has there been ethnic discrimination by government in business dealings?

Dear Editor, Earlier this year, President Bharrat Jagdeo shocked the nation when he announced his government was going to dip into public funds and loan 168 million dollars to Buddy and amounts to other private business persons to expedite the completion of their construction projects related to Guyana’s hosting of CWC 2007.

OK what do you have?

Dear Editor, Cashier: “Good Afternoon KFC can I help you ?” Me: “Good Afternoon, I’ll have One Zinger, One Five piece Spicy, Two PotatoWedges, Five Biscuits, Three Pieces Crispy Strip, One Popcorn Chicken , One BBQ Wings and Two Apple Pies please” Cashier: ” We Have no Zinger’s right now Sir” Me: “OK then , I’ll have, One Five piece Spicy, Two Potato Wedge, Five Biscuits, Three Pieces Crispy Strip, One Popcorn Chicken , One BBQ Wings and Two Apple Pies please” Cashier: ” We Have no Spicy chicken Sir” Me: “OK, No problem, I’ll have Two Potato Wedge, Five Biscuits, Three Pieces Crispy Strip, One Popcorn Chicken , One BBQ Wings and Two Apple Pies please” Me: “OK, What do you have?” Cashier: ” AHH Original Recipe Chicken” Me: Thank you, but I’m too tired to eat now.

Gandhi’s dedication to non-violence is a vital message today

Dear Editor, Tuesday, October 2, was the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and United Nations, in commemorating Gandhi’s contribution to our understanding and practice of non-violence or ahimsa, declared October 2 as world non-violence day.

Some lives are cheaper than others

Dear Editor, I remember wondering as a boy, why newspaper stories of monsoons in India that killed 200 people took only a few lines while other stories where maybe one person died or perhaps a dog fell down a well, were given disproportionate prominence in the same newspaper.

I opposed the renewal of Dr Rose’s contract

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter by Mr Al Creighton captioned “Like universities generally UG has never had a formal statutory evaluation system for its top officers” (07.10.04).

The Guyana Prize judges elected not to give Mr Mc Watt two prizes

Dear Editor, It had not been our intention to offer any response to a recent letter from Mrs Bernadette Persaud in which she commented on the Guyana Prize for Literature and its Awards Ceremony, partly because it is not our policy to entertain discussion about the Judges’ decisions.

Spirit of oneness in Washington DC

Dear Editor, The supreme gift of multi-ethnicity adds spice to flavour and in no ordinary way was this divine phenomenon more perfectly blended into a complete oneness than in Washington DC, on Saturday last, when Guyanese met, greeted, embraced and again endorsed the true sprit of our national motto of one people, one nation, and one destiny.

Continued food shortage at the Annai Secondary School

Dear Editor, I write to support the letter sent to you with information that the students living at the Annai Dormitories are experiencing a food shortage which led to your investigation and report.

I did not take this Bill from the PNCR

Dear Editor, It has been brought to my attention that in a press release issued by the PNCR it has been alleged that the Freedom of Information Bill tabled by me in the National Assembly was in effect a bill that was to be tabled by the PNCR, which in effect I took away with me to the AFC.

Craft exhibitors stole the show

Dear Editor, On a brighter note, it was the local craft exhibitors who to my mind stole the show namely Jah Works and Burrowes School of Art graduate from a few years ago, Stonewall Michael who specialised in ceramics craft.

Separate basins

Dear Editor, Local news outlets must stop making headlines and captioning figures as the “Guyana/Suriname Basin” when referring to oil exploration in Guyana’s territory.

What criteria are used to determine the size of Amerindian grants?

Dear Editor, Please permit me to respond to a letter by the Minister of Amerindian Affairs captioned “Consultations were held and agreements reached with every Amerindian community which received an Absolute Land Grant (07.09/14) in reply to an AFC press statement.

Cartoons and humour?

Dear Editor, Paul Harris should have let your comments (‘Cartoon was inappropriate’ SN, 25.9.07) associated with his cartoon (SN, 22.9.07) suffice.

‘Tara’ or ‘tarra’

Dear Editor, Many thanks to Ms Ameena Gafoor ( ‘Tarra tell tarra’ SN, 2.10.07) for exercising her vigilance on the question of tara (tarra).

The diaspora does care

Dear Editor, I read the recent letter by GHK Lall (‘A segment of the nation believes itself victimized and demonized’ SN, 2.10.07), written in very sophisticated language, stating that a section of the nation sees itself as being victimised and demonised, leaving it seething and burning with anger.

An official admission of the inadequacy of the police is the first step in a ‘Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats’ analysis

Dear Editor, Many who contribute to the rich discourse and interaction which your column facilitates, are not quite as adept with the cultural nuances of law enforcement organizations as my dear friend Mr Robert Gates (‘Did not claim to be able to do the work of police’ SN, 26.9.07) and Mr Berkeley Van Bowen (‘Comment could exacerbate morale problem in the police force’ SN, 27.9.07), just to name two.