The government has been active in maintaining, improving drainage infrastructure 16

Dear Editor, It is absolutely within the bounds of absurdity and dishonesty for the main opposition party and their acolytes to claim that the government has, in any way, neglected to do all that is within their means to prepare adequately to deal with floods afflicting the country, especially since the unprecedented heavy rainfall that occurred in 2005, reportedly the highest since 1935, when records started to be kept.

The justice system needs a jump start

Dear Editor, Reading your recent article on the backlog of inquests (‘249 inquests were pending at end of ’07 – Attorney General,’ SN 12.1.09) has prompted me to observe that the same legal system which we depend on for justice can be used to frustrate it.

Why is the Lethem electricity grid not connected to Bom Fin? 11

Dear Editor, I pen this letter in utter frustration at the seeming incapability of the Lethem Power Company (LPC) to provide a reliable electricity supply to Lethem and its environs (Lethem is presently in complete blackout for the last 17hrs).

Did not behave disorderly at Berbice Bridge 35

Dear Editor, With respect to the reports in the Chronicle and on the NCN TV channel concerning the incident with me at the Berbice River Bridge, at no time did I behave in a disorderly manner.

The call for power-sharing is a call for a level playing field 5

Dear Editor, Abu Bakr, in his letter to SN on December 20 (‘What is it that Mr Corbin’s detractors want?’), touches on a matter that needs greater ventilation in the ‘Great Guyana Debate.’ He makes reference to colonial immigration policy and how it has placed the PNCR at an inherent electoral disadvantage.

There needs to be a just settlement in Gaza 6

Dear Editor, Everyone should be appalled at what is happening in Gaza. Saying that this is genocide and the deliberate bombing of women, children is an atrocity and a war crime, is not enough.

Why does SN carry ‘Taste of Fear’ 2

Dear Editor, I purchase a Stabroek News daily and each day I am assaulted by the cartoon, ‘Taste of Fear.’ Editor, if that cartoonist lives to be a thousand years he will never be able to draw neither will he ever be able to climb out of the ghetto for his subject matter.

No admission on conservancy mismanagement 3

Dear Editor, In response to an article on the East Demerara Water Conservancy (‘No breach, overtopping of conservancy…’ SS 11.1.09) based on a visit of the press,  to the said conservancy conducted by S La Fleur on Saturday, January 10, 2009, it must be stated there was no admission of mismanagement of the conservancy by me as this is not the case.

Action needed to curb stray cattle nuisance in Region 2 4

Dear Editor, Action to curb the stray cattle nuisance within my district in Region 2 which stretches from Pomeroon to Supenaam is urgently necessary with the enactment of legislation for a significant increase in pound fees to serve as a deterrent to the owners of the animals.

Israeli action in Gaza is a war crime 31

Dear Editor, Haiti, the Congo, Afghanistan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia − there are many countries and societies that suffer interminably and almost silently as the world powers press on expanding their military and economic might on a global scale.

It is the people through a referendum who should decide whether there should be shared governance or not 17

Dear Editor, I read the two letters written by two members of the ACDA, Messrs Tacuma Ogunseye (‘The people’s support for shared governance is of paramount importance if it is to succeed, January 5) and Eric Phillips (‘ACDA believes shared governance can only flow from constitutional reform that has public input,’ SN January 12), and while it is not possible to deal with their individual points, I would have to say, from the general tenor of their letters, we have a lot more in common than what may divide us.

Government’s position on Gaza conflict does not represent a national consensus 44

Dear Editor, I watched with disgust and amazement as the Government of Guyana squandered my voice, by issuing a statement on my behalf as a Guyanese, condemning Israeli operations in the Gaza Strip, and picketing the Embassy of the United States of America with slogans accusing the US of supporting “the murderous campaign of the Israelis.” The current response from Israel is justified, as no country, including Guyana, would or could allow terrorists who have hijacked its neighbour, to attack it by indiscriminate rocket fire, and armed with the means to defend itself, failed to do so.