Incest is not new 12

Dear Editor, I guess some things never change.  I have just been reading the bloggers’ comments in regard to the Antigua-based Guyanese who abused his young daughter.  

CIOG is working diligently for the social and economic development of less fortunate Guyanese 2

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Guyana’s largest and most dynamic non-governmental organization (NGO), the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana, (CIOG) for securing a grant from the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) of US$495,000 to fund the construction of a medical centre in Georgetown which will serve to further strengthen Guyana’s health sector for the benefit of all Guyanese, regardless of race or religion.

An inspiration to our daughters 2

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate the following ladies on their recent appointment with Republic Bank Guyana Limited, namely, Mrs Patricia Plummer, Ms Denise Hobbs and Ms Rose Langevine.

Rice farmers have not been paid 8

Dear Editor, We the farmers who have attached our signatures below are peeved about some concerns which are seriously affecting us.

A real-life soap opera? 9

Dear Editor, The President’s present imbroglio with the former First Lady, a matter that should have been handled discreetly and judiciously has now become open fodder for the chattering classes − something that the rest of society can readily comprehend and sink their fangs into, rather than more complex and indigestible issues like the EPA and the global financial crisis.

Minister of Agriculture, two opposition members should be commended 4

Dear Editor, Following the passing of the Forest Bill in Parliament recently, I was particularly pleased at the comments made by the opposition members, Mr Khemraj Ramjattan and Mr Lance Carberry pertaining to the presentations by Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud and his efforts to facilitate the passing of the bill.

VAT is hard on the elderly 25

Dear Editor, I have noted the meagre increase in the old-age pension, and as a pensioner I would personally welcome a reduction in or complete removal of the oppressive VAT, that is creating much hardship in the lives of the elderly.

Prize money for Cubana monument design should not go to one winner 2

Dear Editor, It is indeed a wise initiative of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development to introduce a national competition for the design of the monument to commemorate the victims of the Cubana disaster as advertised in the SN of January 25.

The President should be as concerned about those who have acquired new wealth as he is about MPs 21

Dear Editor, I read the Guyana Chronicle news article ‘MPs assets declaration is a watershed moment for Guyana,’ (January 27), in which President Bharrat Jagdeo reportedly stressed that the rationale for his ultimatum to MPs to declare their assets was to ensure they simply adhered to the law on the matter, but if you ask me, I don’t think even he believes what he said.

Media houses sensationalize the smallest of issues 10

Dear Editor, I was not surprised when the Kaieteur News recently slammed the efforts of the government to assist farmers who have been affected by the recent intense rainfall and which saw many farming communities suffering losses. 

Dog owners should take note of Ms Williams’ suggestions 1

Dear Editor, I thank Zenobia Williams for her letter ‘Do not add to the street dog population’ (SN 20.1.09) in response to my letter, ‘The stray dog nuisance needs to be dealt with’ (SN 3.1.09), and I trust that dog owners will make full use of the suggestions that the writer proposes in relation to controlling the problems associated with the presence of the dogs.