Wrongfully imprisoned at police station 32

Dear Editor, As a widow operating a business at Maria’s Lodge, Essequibo Coast, I had to suffer the indignity of being incarcerated at the Suddie Police Station for 9 hours for no justifiable reason.

Unsuitable dress and music at school parties 27

Dear Editor, The Christmas term of the formal school system ended on Friday, December 12, with many schools holding their traditional Christmas party, parties that are anticipated and expected by all the students.

Disco at Anna Catherina causing noise nuisance

Dear Editor, We the undersigned residents of Anna Catherina who live in close proximity to a disco, wish to bring to the attention of the relevant authorities the repeated instances of noise nuisance which are so disgusting and disruptive to our lives.

Constant blackouts in Parika 5

Dear Editor, For the past three months and more, Parika has been getting constant blackouts from  Guyana Power & Light Inc.

Christmas is the economy of good will 1

Dear Editor, Despite a disappointing, disquieting and scary year for Guyanese many are now in a restless search to find the perfect gifts to give to the kids, the spouse, and very dear relatives and friends.

Mr McAllister was properly withdrawn from Parliament 9

Dear Editor, With reference to Mr Rickford Burke’s letter ‘CGID condemns the removal of James McAllister,’ SN December 8, I am really startled that Mr Burke, a one-time personal assistant to Mr Desmond Hoyte, has not listened to the other side and worse yet, has not reflected his intimate knowledge of the internal politics of the Peoples National Congress (PNC).

A massive plastic invasion 5

Dear Editor, Now that the rainy season is here again, the plastic containers that were dumped on the roadways, thrown in the drains and trenches, pitched from passing vehicles, are now floating and blocking our drains and canals in the city and countryside.

British Overseas Territories have not rejected independence 8

Dear Editor, At the risk of Mr Bisram becoming my pen pal, I thought I should respond to his letter published on Friday December 5, 2008, captioned ‘Not rooted in the colonial past.’  Mr Bisram may be unaware that there are no longer British Overseas Dependant Territories. 

South-East Asia is part of the 2

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter in SN on December 5 by Mr Vishnu Bisram in answer to Ms Dawn Holder’s offering.

Who will take over at the High Commission in London? 21

Dear Editor, As President Jagdeo  shuffles his Cabinet cards and exiles Ministers to foreign postings (when will the dispatch  of Kellawan Lall to Havana be formally announced?) speculation is mounting in London as to who will be the new High Commissioner here.

Rice lands flooded because of faulty drainage 4

Dear Editor, For several years now, the Drainage and Irrigation Department in Region No 2 has been shirking its responsibility to provide me with proper drainage for my 96 acres of rice land in one block at the first depth of Johanna Cecilia backdam.

No bonus for teachers this year 5

Dear Editor, It is sad indeed to know that nothing extra will be going into teachers’ pockets this year as 2008 draws to a close.