Mr Corbin should step down 18

Dear Editor, Mr Robert Corbin should step down and call an election within the party if all the top brass of the party is leaving, or else hand the party to Mr Winston Murray.

Ogle airport needs to become fully functional as soon as possible 5

Dear Editor, As the Berbice River Bridge comes to a close, work proceeds to rehabilitate the Demerara Harbour Bridge for it to function for at least another 10 years, and the Takutu Bridge nears completion it would be fitting for the international bridge, ie the Ogle airport, to become fully functional as soon as possible.

A VAT-free holiday season is needed 11

Dear Editor, As the festive season approaches, Guyanese will be looking forward for their government to ease their economic burden in the hope that their families have a fairly decent holiday.

Brazil company said to be interested in repairing Moco Moco hydro plant

Dear Editor, Head of the Privatization Unit and Chairman of the Guyana Power Company, Mr Winston Brassington has disclosed that a proposal from a Brazilian Company, Incomex, for the rehabilitation of the Moco Moco Hydro project in Region 9 is being studied with a view to have it once again serviceable to accommodate the growing demand for electricity in the Lethem area with the imminent opening of the Takutu bridge.

CGID condemns the removal 6

Dear Editor, The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) condemns the removal of James McAllister, an Opposition People’s National Congress (PNC) Member of Parliament (MP), from the Parliament of Guyana by Opposition and People’s National Congress (PNC) Leader, Mr Robert Corbin.  

Many senior citizens are falling into poverty 6

Dear Editor, Largely because of the progress in the treatment of certain diseases associated with aging, the life expectancy of senior citizens has risen considerably.

Questions about product claims 1

Dear Editor, In the Guyana Chronicle of December 4, Dr Howard Fisher, “a natural physician” representing the Canadian company BioPro Technology, was reported to have held forth on the benefits of using his company’s BioPro Chip to prevent “heating up of the head and brain caused by radiation from the [cellphone] instrument [that] could be the cause of an epidemic of brain tumors within the next 10 years.” It is revealing how he calls many to immediate action by warning, “We cannot wait until we know for sure.” For sure of what?

Yes, there is a Santa Claus 41

Dear Editor,I note, with a tincture of sadness, the letter in SN of December 3, headlined: ‘Why are adults lying to their children about Santa Claus?’ written by Montgomery Chester.