Let the PNC do their own house cleaning 19

Dear Editor, I recently read a letter by Mr. Christopher Ram, `Mr Corbin has an opportunity to put country and party before personal considerations’ (SN Dec 14/08) in which he suggested that the PNC leader, Robert Corbin, is putting his personal ambition ahead of what is good for his party.

One blemish at convocation highlighted unnecessarily 4

Dear Editor, The University of Guyana wishes to thank you, and all the media, for the coverage of the institution’s 42nd Convo-cation exercises, and notes with appreciation, the support you have always given to the university.

The Essequibo Cricket Board should now recognize its all-time best eleven 4

Dear Editor, It was certainly a very interesting initiative by the special events committee of the Berbice Cricket Board to recognize and unveil the names of the county’s best eleven, dating back to the glorious years of the flamboyant Roy Fredericks and complementing the present era with the versatile Mahendra Nagamootoo. 

‘Ain’t nuttin beat Christmas’ 11

Dear Editor, “I’ve got that Christmas feeling blowing in the air…  I’ve got this lovely feeling… Tell me why can’t this Christmas feeling last throughout the year?” So runs the song, but the answer to its question is it can’t, for Christmas is indeed the special of specials.

A new home for Max

Dear Editor, Max had it all, a beautiful and safe home, a loving owner who groomed him daily, gave him the best food and proudly showed him off on daily walks.

Only Barbados has a higher literacy rate than Guyana 51

Dear Editor, This is by no means an attempt to discredit the achievement of Ms Shonnet Candacy Fraser, the second-best graduating student, at the University of Guyana 42nd Convocation exercise, held recently.

Has capitalism gone mad? 7

Dear Editor, The months of November and December have been the most eventful of the past year.

Mr Corbin cannot win an election 15

Dear Editor, I write from Linden Region 10 in relation to the continued debate over the performance of the Opposition Leader, Mr Robert Corbin.

Bus stop impeding business 27

Dear Editor, My name is Kamal Kanhai and I am the proprietor of Kanhai’s Guyana Electrical Agency of 146 Regent Street, Lacytown, Georgetown.

When did the fire service last check hydrants? 16

Dear Editor, The Guyana Fire Service has spent millions buying new machines but they never seem to get to any fire on time, and when they do arrive, they usually start looking for water.