‘The entrenchment of mediocrity’

Dear Editor, One always suspected that there was more than one ‘Juan’ Edghill. A graphic display of this was observed on Tuesday evening (April 24) on NCN, when party loyalist (as distinct from the Bishop), to the surprise even of colleague participants, claimed that 90% of the current establishment of the Office of the President was there when this administration took over – that is 20 years ago.

‘A subversion of democracy’

Dear Editor, One has no choice but to call a spade a spade; it just is what it is. April 25, 2012 is no different and what it is, is the most significant subversion of democracy and exploitation of constitutionally bestowed powers that this nation has experienced since the times of the PNC’s dictatorial administration of Guyana.

The CEOs of our state corporations should appear before a parliamentary committee

Dear Editor, One reads in the local and international newspapers and other media that Mr Rupert Murdoch, media tycoon and Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, is currently being questioned under oath in the Leveson Inquiry about his ethics and knowledge of a recent phone hacking scandal  involving British newspapers owned by his company, and other matters that affect British society and politics, but specifically about press standards.

Fat or lean cats?

Dear Editor, When the November general elections results were announced there was a marriage of convenience with anticipated testing times that could result in a divorce and/or political squabbles.

Gecom is not ‘bipartisan’; would be able to react positively to a call for ‘snap poll’

Dear Editor, It is imperative that we comment on a specific remark attributed by implication to Dr Steve Surujbally, Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, as published in the second paragraph under the cross-head ‘Gecom’s readiness,‘ in  an article titled “Historic Moment in Guyana’s Governance (Guyana Chronicle, April 25), which was authored by Mr Rickey Singh.

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