Then what?

As with everything else in Guyana, the crime situation just had to get totally out of control and people had to protest before there was any obvious sign that efforts were being made to deal with it.

We must try to understand how our society has produced ruthless killers

Dear Editor, It has taken four days for me to suppress a knee jerk response to the dastardly act of early Saturday morning that left eleven dead; their families bereaved; their community in shock and dismay; and the entire nation in the disbelief and anguish that fellow citizens can indulge in such inhumane, reprehensible, brutal and savage acts.

O judgment thou has fled to brutish beasts

Dear Editor, We write to express our shock and abhorrence at the wanton destruction of human lives, more so the lives of innocent little children in the village of Lusignan by gunmen who could only be described as barbaric and bestial.