‘Tarra tell tarra’

Dear Editor, The history of contemporary Guyana is still to be written and I agree entirely that we should press on in pursuit of the truth, possibly through first-person testimonies of those who suffered or those who were close enough to the many victims and witnessed the traumas of our post-colonial period.

School farms should be restarted

Dear Editor, One of my hobbies is farming. I learnt to appreciate Agricultural Science to a large extent when I was a student at Ann’s Grove Methodist School (now Ann’s Grove Community High School).


In his opening address at GuyExpo 2007 where he spoke feelingly about his vision for Guyana, President Jagdeo adverted to three areas in which he desired a partnership with business.

The callaloo connection

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee recently told this newspaper that he had identified a connection between the escape of inmates from the Mazaruni Prison and a similar escape from the Lusignan Prison in 1999.