Having crossed into the new year and VAT land no one was expecting that the experience was going to be smooth.

A real tragedy

News that a newborn baby girl had been allegedly abducted from her mother was a talking point over the past week.

Sport Letter

Dear Editor, Allow me to join in commending Nicolette Fernandes for her rewarding contribution on the international circuit in the sports discipline of “Squash” just recently.

VAT shifts the tax burden to lower income levels

Dear Editor, A summarized political biography on former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the online Literary Encyclopedia includes the paragraph: “Wishing to balance the budget, Thatcher introduced lower taxation and a reduction in public expenditure.

My camera was stolen at the airport 2

Dear Editor, As a foreigner living and working temporarily in Guyana I want to make travelers and tourists aware of organized thefts going on at Cheddi Jagan International Airport in conjunction with airlines personnel.