A sad story

There is a sad sameness to several recent rape-murders. In two of the most savage, the victims were innocent schoolgirls in small rural villages.

The PNC did not restore democracy in 1964 but destroyed it before then

Dear Editor, Rickford Burke in his letter captioned, ‘My main criticism was that the current PNC leadership has no plan’ (07.11.17) says that the PNC is a multi-ethnic party; thinks I am preaching only to the PNC; believes I support what he calls “Indian triumphalism” and most importantly chooses to ignore my main thesis which is that Guyana cannot evolve into a genuine multiracial democracy unless the ethnic parties first transform themselves into genuine multiracial parties.

Given what has taken place these forestry fines are nominal

Dear Editor Before the Government and the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) become too excited about recent nominal fines on serially-offending logging concession holders, may I suggest a review of some facts: The GFC has had an obligation since its 1993 concessions policy to audit loggers at not more than two-year intervals.

Ishmael Beah

When UNICEF celebrates the 18th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child today, it will appoint Ishmael Beah as an Ambassador.

Red Thread was in the forefront of the opposition to VAT, why has the Chronicle suddenly published its letter?

Dear Editor, I was, frankly, amazed to see the Guyana Chronicle carrying the letter from Red Thread last week expressing its concern, anger and frustration at the AFC’s statement on the VAT, in which Raphael Trotman indicated that a letter had been sent out to a number of stakeholders, who turned out to be the usual lineup of political parties and trade unions (with the exception of Eileen Cox, tireless consumer advocate), and which completely bypassed Red Thread and indicated a most worrying tendency to conduct business as usual.

Rulers must be accountable to the people

Dear Editor, Democracy means more than just ‘winning’ elections. However, in Guyana it appears as though democracy ceases to exist immediately after elections have been held – this is done in order to accommodate the new king to the throne.

The AK-47s

Now that new leadership is in place in the Guyana Defence Force the environment has been created for a fresh approach in the way the army interfaces with the public on matters of national interest.