Condominium Act needs amending to ease animosity between neighbours

Dear Editor, I respectfully request that you grant me some space in your letter column to call on the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana (Ministry of Communities) to further modify the Condominium Regulations and Miscellaneous Act Chapter 36.22 Act .4 1989, amended by 20 of 1991, under the Laws of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, in order that the conflicts and animosity which presently exist between neighbours in the existing previously owned Government condominium housing schemes, which are now privately owned, would cease to exist.

City Hall: Past the point of being a liability to the Capital?

Each time that City Hall appears to have plumbed the depths of ineptitude in the course of the discharge (or lack thereof) of its responsibilities to the capital many of us are probably inclined to think that the municipality finally has reached the base of its ineptness or perhaps that it may even be in the process of a long-awaited ascent towards enhanced competence, where, at least, the surprise and shock afforded by its underperformance are both less persistent and less severe and that things can only get better.

Blockage in Belair Village drain

Dear Editor, I refer to the Belair Promenade, Belair Village where there is a blockage, existing in the southern earthen drain, running east to west and covering a distance of approximately 300 metres.

Corrective action has been taken

Dear Editor, Whether it was a direct result of my letter to your newspaper (January 09, 2019) headlined “these two stretches of pavements at the stadium require work”, or a mere coincidence, I am happy to state that corrective action has been taken on issues/concerns (which were) highlighted.

Tangled web

Dear Editor, First their resignation was accepted with immediate effect, then portfolios to be handled by stand-ins, now earlier position recanted and resignations not effective immediately.

Conflict of interest

It has come to public notice that a clear conflict of interest arose sometime in 2017 at the ministry with responsibility for the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) after Minister Valerie Adams-Yearwood’s husband, Godfrey Yearwood, secured a contract to build houses for the same CH&PA.

Revere our women

Dear Editor, I was moved by the stirring article from Mosa Telford in her ‘Think on That’ series in the April 6th issue of Stabroek News titled, ‘Doomed if they leave and doomed if they stay’ in which she bemoaned the harsh cruelties often delivered to women by the very men who profess love to them!


Last week, with his customary flair for the melodramatic, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo held a press conference to announce that his party had found evidence of a “people smuggling racket” in the Department of Citizenship aimed at inserting the names of foreigners into the voting list.

City apologises for overflowing skip bins

Dear Editor, The Georgetown City Council apologises to the business community and residents of some sections of Georgetown for several overflowing skip bins  that are  at strategic locations in the City: Lombard Street, King Street , East Ruimveldt and Wellington Street.

The city’s tourism flight of fancy

Dear Editor, In a recent letter to the press by the Public Relations Officer of the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown captioned ‘City, tourism authorities in discussions on enhancing Georgetown’ she fancifully announced that the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism and Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority had met with Georgetown City Councillors to discuss specific projects that would promote tourism in Georgetown.

Mr Fenty would lose his bet

Dear Editor,  In his Frankly Speaking column on Friday, 05 April Mr Fenty says: “I’ve always wondered about our Constitutional provision that allows foreigners from any Commonwealth nation – who lived here for just one year (continuously) before those elections, to vote here (See Article 159 (b)”.

The madness of crowds

In 1841 the Scottish writer Charles Mackay published a prescient survey of the dangers of what we now describe as a herd mentality.

The Foreign Affairs portfolio

As with Cedric Richardson, his counterpart in the third term case, farmer, Compton Reid took on the task as a citizen of challenging the validity of the vote of former APNU+AFC MP Charrandass Persaud as a means of nullifying the December 21, 2018 motion of no-confidence which had initially ended the term of the government.

Made in Guyana

On Sunday last, scores of local producers came together in a single space for yet another vigorous effort by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) to propel small businesses forward.