Bipartisanship in Parliament

For far too long the Guyana Parliament has served almost only as a battleground for warring political parties – both those in government and those with their eyes set on becoming the government.

Expecting pumpkins from karila vines

Twelve days ago, the world observed Inter-national Nurses Day on May 12. In some countries, governments, in collaboration with nurses’ councils and associations, held activities over the period of a week, dubbing it ‘Nurses Week’.

KN articles on GuySuCo spares, pricing erroneous

Dear Editor, The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) is disappointed that the Kaieteur News has allowed itself to be used repeatedly by forces whose motives seem to be intended  to destabilize the Corporation, bring the management into disrepute and cause irreparable damage to the business.

Gratified with service from NAREI

Dear Editor, I am most heartened by my recent visit to the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) and I compliment the Ministry of Agriculture and the institute for the excellent staff and outstanding service at this institution.

A welcome initiative by the private sector

Dear Editor, The newspaper report that the Private Sector Commission (PSC) is trying to encourage the political parties to take more nationalistic, less narrow politically motivated initiatives for the development of our country is indeed music to the ears for Guyanese who are tired of bickering and back-biting and truly want to see us working together to address the problems of our nation.

Logging trucks

Logging trucks or timber trucks, as they are sometimes referred to, have been in the news again.