Government-private sector relations

Up until now, relations between the incumbent political administration and the private sector have not exactly been characterized by an abundance of warmth and eagerness to work together.

Guyanese, Trinidadians rally in support of DACA

Dear Editor, A couple of dozen Guyanese and Trinidadians, joined by a few nationals of other countries, rallied mid-afternoon on Saturday September 16 in Richmond Hill in support of DACA (Deferred Action on Child Arrivals) which was terminated by President Trump on Sept 6.

We need to act in a more mature manner

Dear Editor, The recent harangues between personnel of the government and the opposition must cause us to ask whether these officials realise that they first of all need to satisfy and inform the general populace in our country of the various issues that are affecting our lives.

Disrespecting of Mocha Arcadia NDC

Since the historic March 2016 Local Government Elections, one of the principles underlying Stabroek News’s coverage of any story is to determine whether it pertained in the slightest to any local government authority and if it did, then a valiant effort must be made to engage with that authority and to canvas its views on the matter being reported.

Freemasons Hall

The Freemasons Hall in Company Path, Georgetown, the largest and oldest of the buildings owned by Freemasons in general in the city and possibly the country, is in a disreputable state.