Banking bureaucracy

With the coming on-stream of the Anti-Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terrorism  (AML/CFT) Act, day to day banking has become an increasingly complex and time consuming affair for regular customers in Guyana.

A speedy recovery to the President

Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your Edition to wish His Excellency President David Granger a speedy recovery from his illness in my official capacity as President of the Berbice Cricket Board and Secretary/CEO of  Guyana’s leading youth club, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS.

Live and let live

As recent as April and June this year, three Guyanese were arrested at the John F Kennedy Airport in New York with a total of 34 live finches that they were smuggling into the United States to later sell for lucrative sums of money.

Sacrilegious ads

Dear Editor, I wish to offer the following comments with regards to advertisements observed in the Muslim holiday editions of the dailies. 

I must down the pen

Dear Editor, As I close chapters in my life including my attempts to write poems and short stories, I wish to thank my favourite newspaper, Stabroek News, for accommodating my letters including wise decisions when not to publish submissions.

Revival in St. Lucia

The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup currently being hosted by the West Indies has reached the semi-final stage with the two matches scheduled for tomorrow in Antigua.

Parent-Teacher Associations

Early in October an unsigned letter purportedly authored by “Members of the Parent/Teacher Association” of a named state secondary school (since the letter was unsigned we have no way of vouching for its authenticity or otherwise) and addressed to Education Minister Nicolette Henry (and copied to three other Ministers) surfaced, ostensibly complaining about a host of irregularities at the school.

Another no-confidence motion

As disruptive as it can be, the motion of no-confidence in the government lodged at Parliament by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo is well within the bailiwick of the adversarial form of Westminster governance that has been the country’s lot for more than half of a century of independence.

Local politics

At the time of writing, the full results of the local government elections had not been declared; there were, it is true, quite a number which had been, primary among which was Georgetown.

Dastardly behaviour at press conference

Dear Editor, It is hoped that it was not the ailing President that told the head table, which included the PM cum acting President among others  to issue a statement of apology to the media for the dastardly behaviour and display at the press conference.

Noisy security service in Prashad Nagar

Dear Editor, Secure Innovations & Concepts Inc. provides 24 hours security services to oil giant ExxonMobil’s rental premises at Prashad Nagar wreaking havoc to residents of a quiet neighbourhood with noise pollution.

Distorting democracy

This week, as the British government stumbled towards a ruinously expensive divorce from Europe and the growing likelihood of another political crisis, Facebook’s senior management drew criticism for its negligent oversight of user information and a laissez faire policy that allowed political groups to misuse that data.