Amazon Warriors will not bring home crown this year

Dear Editor, Recently I wrote a letter to Stabroek News under the headline ‘Amazon Warriors need aggressive, balanced team to bring home CPL crown’ where I called on Mr Bobby Ramroop to fire Omar Khan as the manager and Roger Harper as the coach of the Warriors team for this year’s CPL.

Government myopia

There is a saying that change is the only constant in the world, but what about when nothing changes?

Public service is bogged down by splitting hairs over meanings of aspects of public policy

Dear Editor, The media today (March 13) carried two letters side by side; one was forthright in its description of the  public servants whose incompetence,  aptly described as “asleep at the wheel” resulted in Guyana losing “a significant part of the export basket of fishing products to the US”; the other was a long dilation on management theories using sophisticated language (typical of Churchill calling a spade an agricultural instrument) to describe the various stages of managerial action/inaction in the public service which lead to success or failure in spite of the massive inputs of training provided to the public servants by high-powered local and international training providers.

Mash was better under the PPP/C

Dear Editor, A GC report dated March 11, 2018, captioned ‘Mash 2018 hailed a resounding success’ quoted Dr George Norton, Social Cohesion Minister as saying, “Mashramani 2018 surpassed our expectations”, and Mr Christopher Jones, Director of Sports as commenting, “Mash is back and 2018 was it.” With respect to them, it is my opinion that it was under the governance of the PPP/C that the Mash celebrations were some of the most memorable, for many reasons.

All eyes on the West Indies

The tension for West Indies cricket fans has been mounting very slowly since the International Cricket Conference World Cup qualifiers began in Zimbabwe last week.

Harold Drayton’s legacy will live on

Dear Editor, Dr Harold Drayton, the individual who was tasked by then Premier Cheddi Jagan to establish the University of Guyana (UG) in 1963, passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, March 11, in the United States.

Canal No 1 dust problem will soon be resolved

Dear Editor, Reference is made to a letter published in the March 12, 2018 editions of Stabroek News and Kaieteur News, under the headlines, ‘Canal No 1 project causing thick dust’ and ‘Why was it not possible to find a better way to undertake this project?