Not a genius move

Dear Editor, A better relationship is desirable but the one who expressed such a desire has to first walk the talk in meaningful and tangible ways.

Local content policy

The concept of “Local Content” is not a new one, and contrary to popular opinion or use, is not limited in application to the oil and gas sector alone.

Kudos to Starr Computers

Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your newspaper to highlight the ‘human kindness’ venture that is meted out to school children and even the differently-abled by Starr Computers.

Too much neglect

Dear Editor, Immediately after the APNU+AFC won the last general election, we witnessed the country embarking on a massive clean-up exercise.

A very different world

Although the world has experienced much worse, recent events involving inclement weather conditions have caused much consternation, particularly last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in eastern Indonesia.

Probe other illegitimate dealings by City Hall

Dear Editor, The recent hubbub that has surfaced about the contentious leasing of a Sussex Street Wharf by the ‘King of the City’ to a shipping company whilst the municipality is not the bona fide owner of that property, speaks to the exploitation, duplicity and bullyism that occurs on a daily basis at City Hall, and is the mere tip of the iceberg of many such improprieties that exist within that institution.

Region Three REO solved Hague rice farmers’ water woes

Dear Editor, For the past two weeks, rice farmers from the upper Hague settlement rice cultivation area have been making demands for drainage of their rice fields through our main irrigation canal, which has been a disadvantageous request to those of us at the lower end of the settlement because the irrigation canal passes through the entire settlement from south to north.

Thirty years later

Last Friday, just eight days after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) voted to reinstate the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), the Canadian newspaper, The Toronto Star, broke a story that the most famous doping incident in Olympic history, the Ben Johnson scandal, appears to have been constructed around a series of questionable laboratory procedures.

Appeal challenging legality of broadcast authority still to be heard

Dear Editor, I again have to remind the public, the authorities and the persons pretending to function in the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority that since a legal challenge essentially addresses the legality of the Broadcast Authority and is sub judice in the Guyana Court of Appeal, unless it is heard, there can be no functioning Broadcast Authority.

Time to roll out the Small Business Procurement Programme

Last Friday, the Guyana Chronicle reported that Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin had indicated that his Ministry was “in the advance(d) stages” of preparation for the introduction of the Small Business Procurement Programme, the provision under the 2004 Small Business Act for small businesses to access 20 per cent of state contracts.

Concern about transfer of head teacher

Dear Editor, I am writing to raise concerns regarding a very distasteful situation in the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education, Region 5 Now that senior promotions have been finalised, there is a messy situation involving the Number 8 Secondary School.

GuySuCo chaos

The chaos in the sugar sector under the APNU+AFC government might have been easily dismissed were it not for the fact that it has upturned the lives of thousands of former GuySuCo employees and the future of many more hangs in the balance.

Working class Guyanese relegated to drive old vehicles

Dear Editor, The foreign concession class, senior government officials, re-migrants, the ultra-rich and the mafia class in Guyana, are the most likely residents to be driving new economy class vehicles that cost US$25,000 – 30,000/GY$6,000,000; or drive Corvettes, Range Rovers, Rolls-Royces or Porsches, based on the concessions and financing available to this group.

Sarah Insanally laid to rest

Dear Editor, I was deeply honoured on Friday, September 28, 2018 to be at the funeral of Sarah Insanally, the deceased wife of Guyana’s ambassador to the USA, Dr Riyad Insanally.

What Guyanese want

Dear Editor, Amidst the deluge of contentions, expert opinions, government positions, and opposition objections, I must ask whether anyone has paused to consider what matters to John and Mary Public? 

Arbitral chairperson

There has never been a Minister of Labour, senior or junior, in this country quite as ill informed, blundering or precipitate as Mr Keith Scott, the present incumbent.

Appointment versus nomination

Dear Editor, Is it that his legal colleagues in the administration are too distracted to attend to their junior in obvious distended labour, who exposes a discomfiting degree of intellectual constipation?