The minibus culture

Preying on young women, particularly schoolgirls using minibuses as public transport, has become commonplace among some minibus drivers and conductors. 

Lethem Town Week for October 15-21

Dear Editor, The Mayor and Town Council in the municipality of Lethem, central Rupununi, in Region Nine, have shifted their work mode into top gear, as preparations continue  for the Lethem Town Week celebrations, scheduled for the 15th-21st of October, 2017.

Project execution problems

Word that a ‘Delivery Unit’ could be established to speed up the pace of the government’s sprawling Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) must reflect deep worry in the administration over the glacial pace of many key projects.

We African-Guyanese must free and empower ourselves

Dear Editor, My attention was caught by various reports in the media about a recent ACDA press release ahead of the 2017 occasion of their planned African Holocaust/Maafa commemoration and no doubt with an eye to the visiting UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent.

October 5

Last week everyone was in nostalgic mode: there was the 60th anniversary of the PNC engaging the attention of the one side, with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1992 general and regional elections being the focus of the other.