Going back to basics

Two Thursdays ago, Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence launched revised food-based dietary guidelines for Guyana in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (UN), tweaking and updating those that were established in 2004.

Education Accreditation Council

Over the past decade, Guyana has seen a proliferation in the establishment of private educational institutions at all levels, most notably at the post secondary and tertiary levels. 

Schoolboy beaten, robbed at Stabroek Market

Dear Editor, I’m writing to warn tourists and visitors to Georgetown to avoid the Stabroek Market because recently I witnessed a schoolboy in his uniform who was waiting for the bus to go home  who was brutally beaten and robbed of his cell phone.

Theatre in international relations

Astute analysts of global affairs, (even at this eleventh hour, would probably not bet their houses) on the absolute certainty of the June 12th ‘summit’ between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the clear signs that the two men are now likely to meet and talk in Singapore, a week today, notwithstanding.

Annoying message from GTT

Dear Editor, I had decided some time ago to remain silent on the issue of GTT sending .messages to me encouraging me to call my relatives and friends who reside in North America and ask them to top up my cell phone account so that it can be multiplied three or four times over.