The longest Test continues

After the twenty-ninth inter-sessional meeting of the conference of the Caricom Heads of Government concluded on the 28th February, in Haiti, the communiqué issued, surprisingly, included the subject of West Indies cricket.

Councillor Sharma did not pay attention to his own advice

Dear Editor, After reading a letter which appeared in your Stabroek News issue of Thursday, April 5, captioned: ‘To attempt to forcibly impose a contract the people have rejected is to take the road of high-handedness’ signed by Councillor, Khame Sharma, I have grudgingly come to the conclusion that much more work needs to be done in the areas of civic awareness, training and education in local government and governance, and the City Council.

The public’s right to know

On February 16, the Stabroek News published a news story regarding the discovery of “a drug ring inside two Georgetown secondary schools” in which we attributed to “a source” information to the effect that “a group of students was involved in the peddling of the psychoactive drug ecstasy to peers” in the two named schools.

Pomeroon communities in need of much infrastructural help

Dear Editor, On April 5, it was reported in the state news media that Junior Public Infrastructure Minister, Annette Ferguson who was accompanied by Regional Councillor Julian Cummings visited  the riverine communities of Friendship and Martindale on the Pomeroon River to address concerns affecting the livelihood and well-being of residents particularly the clogged canals which were adversely affecting  ingress and egress to their homesteads.

Working for citizens

Dear Editor, Our Constitution makes it unambiguously clear that sovereignty belongs to the people and the elected representatives exist to give effect to the will of the people.

GPL’s US$110m requirement

GPL’s introduction to the media of its new Chief Executive Officer, Albert Gordon and his frank evaluation of the needs of the beleaguered utility is most welcome.

Congrats to NCN

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate the Chairman of the National Communications Network, Mr Enrico Woolford  along with his staff for the high standard of programming  on television for the Easter holidays especially the airing of the  Easter stories.

The WPA had an inflated estimation of their support

Dear Editor,   I refer to the rather startling claim in Mr Tacuma Ogunseye’s letter, ‘I concentrate on the African community so it can develop progressive politics based on power-sharing’ (SN, April 4): “I recall in the run-up to the historic 1992 general and regional elections with the arrival of Mr Ravi Dev and his ROAR party, Dev introduced the doctrine (sic) that Africans cannot speak for Indians and that the WPA was promoting political deception by making the claim that it is a multi-racial party… The 1992 elections resulted in victory for the PPPC and demonstrated that the Dev doctrine worked to the advantage of that party.” I recall the facts quite differently.