Those who came

We have a habit of describing Guyana as multicultural – which it is.


Dear Editor, How can workers’ right to severance be deemed as ‘haemorrhaging’ the State and ‘sucked funds from other programmes’?

The importance of political restraint

When Canada patriated its Constitution in 1981, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau struck a compromise with wary Quebec nationalists by including a “notwithstanding clause” within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Mental health problems still need serious attention

World Suicide Prevention Day was observed on Monday, September 10, 2018 and the attention was drawn once again to mental health issues in Guyana, as we are wont to give only periodic bursts of attention to such critical matters.

Hunger and climate change

Between Monday and today, at least one million residents of coastal areas in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina in the United States would have evacuated their homes, provided they followed the orders they were given in the face of Hurricane Florence, which is set to hit these areas by tomorrow.

Member of Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago should be part of teachers arbitration tribunal

Dear Editor, From their respective pronouncements including in SN’s columns of September, 8 2018, there appear clear indications from both of the contending parties – Ministry of Education and Guyana Teachers’ Union  – of a hefty sense of relief – from a the recent confusion of (re)  negotiations, accompanied by anxious expectancy about Arbitration – a process with which the actual players may not be familiar.

Summary dismissal of GNNL Finance Controller was perverse

Dear Editor,  In January 2018, the Government of Guyana passed the so-called “Whistle-blower” Law because they want to be associated with the philosophy of “combating corruption by encouraging and facilitating disclosures of improper conduct” from the public sector and private sector officers. 

Umpire’s decisions

Umpires and their decisions have been the topic of highly animated discussions of many sport fans as of late, especially those of international tennis and the Caribbean Premier League. 

What happened to the missing steel?

Dear Editor,  I would like to reference an unresolved matter that was raised by the Stabroek News in July 2016 under a new item captioned “Gov’t still awaiting word from Health Ministry on BK $800M steel claims”.

Education Month

We are still to receive official confirmation that the customary programme of activities usually planned and executed by the Ministry of Education to mark Education Month which is usually rolled out in September will not be staged this year.