Dangerous lives

We have to be doing something wrong. There can be no other explanation for the dangerous lives our women and girls continue to live each day despite the attempts being made at empowerment and education.

I have taken no decision in my capacity as Minister of Public Telecommunications or in my personal capacity which has been the subject of a conflict of interest

Dear Editor, In the headlines of yesterday’s edition of the Stabroek News in an article entitled `Minister Hughes in clear breach of Integrity Act’, the following statement is made “To the extent she continues to retain ownership of the company in question, or an interest in it, she is in breach of the Code of Conduct contained in the Act.

It is in our best interest to accept that both ethnic groups were exploited by the colonial authorities and use this knowledge as the organizing principle of our discourse

Dear Editor, As I gaze upon the post-Independence landscape littered with discord and discontent, I cannot help but recall Bob Marley’s song to all humanity: Until the philosophy which hold one race superior And another Inferior Is finally And permanently Discredited And abandoned – Everywhere is war – Me say war.

Irony of ironies with SOCU

Dear Editor, Guyana seems to be a fertile place for contradictions. Without going back too far, it seems that in almost every sphere of our socioeconomic and political life we can find examples of someone or some entity doing the exact opposite of, or contrary to what was expected or promised.

Facing gridlock

A month short of four years in office, the APNU+AFC government is at serious risk of being unable to deliver on its economic and financial policies, legislative agenda and oil and gas commitments this year.


The Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) was established under the administration of Mr Donald Ramotar as part of Anti-Money Launder-ing Law requirements.

It is impossible to omit the critical role sugar industry played in economic and social growth of Indo-Guyanese communities

Dear Editor, One would not attempt to match the erudition of the letter writer on the subject `Any discussion of specific land distribution pattern must include behavioural factors, occupational choice, vision and discipline’ in SN of April 2, 2019, but it is respectfully offered that there are gaps in the submission regarding the development of Indo-Guyanese workers.