A real tragedy

News that a newborn baby girl had been allegedly abducted from her mother was a talking point over the past week.

Sport Letter

Dear Editor, Allow me to join in commending Nicolette Fernandes for her rewarding contribution on the international circuit in the sports discipline of “Squash” just recently.

Animals depend on us to be considerate

Dear Editor, As an overseas Guyanese visiting my homeland twice in the last six months, it is with grief that I see the everyday painful suffering and misery of street animals, especially dogs just fighting for daily survival.

VAT shifts the tax burden to lower income levels

Dear Editor, A summarized political biography on former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the online Literary Encyclopedia includes the paragraph: “Wishing to balance the budget, Thatcher introduced lower taxation and a reduction in public expenditure.

My camera was stolen at the airport

Dear Editor, As a foreigner living and working temporarily in Guyana I want to make travelers and tourists aware of organized thefts going on at Cheddi Jagan International Airport in conjunction with airlines personnel.

Barama drove a very hard bargain

Dear Editor, I am very glad that Mr Trevor Atkinson in his letter captioned “Barama came in at a time when investment was badly needed and has been in the vanguard of sustainable forest management” (06.12.16) pointed out the harsh/cruel and difficult circumstances under which the Barama deal was negotiated with the Hoyte /PNC Govt.

Citizen security

Responding to the surge in violent crime over the last six years, the Administration adopted a multi-dimensional approach that relies not solely on the Guyana Police Force but also on creating parallel schemes based on the greater involvement of citizens and their communities.

Our Human Services Department gave this wheelchair

Dear Editor, It is noted that in your article of January 1, 2007 captioned “Glarey gets wheelchairs, supplies” (on page 14 of your newspaper) it was reported that a wheelchair was donated by Gafoors and a wheelchair and some foodstuff by the Ministry of Human Services.