On Tuesday we reported that Dominica had joined the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, generally referred to by its Spanish acronym of ALBA.

An internal police investigation is underway into the abuse of this child and a senior officer has been relieved of his responsibilities

Dear Editor, After having read, on so many occasions, coverage of the atrocity against a 10-year-old from Sisters Village, east bank, Berbice, who is my client, I feel it is only fitting that I offer a response to the public at large and more specifically to those who have either called or written to offer their support, both to me and little Ranvanlee.

The continuing culture of violence

Mind-boggling atrocities, many committed against children, are being attested to as the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor proceeds in The Hague.


Dear Editor, I fully support the view of Vishnu Bisram that Eusi Kwayana should be awarded Guyana highest honour.

Cellular services can be used in some interior areas

Dear Editor, In relation to the pending negotiations between the Government of Guyana (GOG) and GT&T over the terms of GT&T’s future operations in Guyana it should be noted that cellular service can be used to help increase telephone penetration in Guyana, especially in those interior areas where population is sparse and where running wired telephone lines is very expensive on a per capita basis.

Living the dream

Next Monday Americans will celebrate Martin Luther King Day. It is a national holiday for a national hero, the only black man to be so honoured in the United States.