The USA must vote for builders not wreckers

Dear Editor, Watching the CBS news recently and seeing how Toyota is out-selling American cars and how Japanese vehicles and other domestic machines are more in demand I have come to realize that in 1945 when the USA bombed Japan with weapons of mass destruction Japan lost the military war.

Poll shows support for Panday-Maharaj reunion

Dear Editor, The latest NACTA survey in Trinidad has found that supporters of the opposition Indian-based UNC have renewed hope that their party will make a comeback to office now that their leader Basdeo Panday and former deputy leader Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj have patched up their differences.

The double dividend

In her novel Dangerous to Know, English-born best selling writer Barbara Taylor Bradford describes a sixteenth century matriarch who had stipulated that her huge house should always be passed down to a female inheritor.

The prices I pay have gone up

Dear Editor, I am a poor widow and mother of five children. I used to pay $160 for a pointer broom now it is $240, white sugar was $80 now it is $90, plantain wholesale $35 on a bunch is now $80, onions was $60 now $80, potatoes 2 lbs for $100 now $90 per lb garlic was $140 per lb now $160.

The Turkeyen tragedy

No one who is familiar with the faltering academic standards and squalid physical conditions at the University of Guyana’s central Turkeyen campus should have been surprised at the desperate tone of Vice-Chancellor Dr James Rose’s address to the 40th convocation congregation.