Minister Lawrence’s corruption tirade

What we make of the recent press statement by the MOPH warning “senior employees to look out for police detectives and Finance Ministry internal auditors”, who will soon begin investigations into the “misappropriation of funds and the blatant attempts to steal public funds” depends on the perspective from which we interpret it, there being a seeming absence of context to the document itself.  

Presidential press conferences

On May 10 this year, the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) called on the Jamaican Government to urgently resume traditional post-Cabinet press briefings.

PNCR Chairman, PPP candidate

Following the passing of the first rank of post-Independence leaders of our two major parties, it has not always been a foregone conclusion as to who should succeed them.

Nobody’s Nation

In February 2018, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services changed its mission statement.

No argument between the two correspondents on GECOM

Dear Editor, With great respect, I have read Dr. Henry Jeffrey’s very articulate response in SN of July 5, 2018 to what apparently was conceived to be my personal reaction to his earlier letter on the subject of the structure of the management of the Guyana Elections Commission.

Prison suicides

In Guyana there is neither much thought nor action given towards the idea of the human rights of prisoners – even those on remand who have not yet been given due process through the judicial system.

Kicking apathy to the curb

Twenty-eight-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s win at the Democratic Primary of the US midterm elections, which held shock value for many Americans, more so New Yorkers, who had never even heard her name before that date, is possibly part of a change occurring in world politics.

Why the obsession and frenzy?

Dear Editor, Since the CCJ ruling on term limits there have been numerous views, opinions and newspaper headlines screaming brawl in what essentially is internal business and matters for the party.