Reports on stray catchers unit were not accurate

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Public Security hereby responds to reports appearing in some sections of the media (Kaieteur News 06-09-2018), (News Room 06-09-2018) of the alleged assault on a woman and a teen by the operatives of the Stray Catcher Unit of the Ministry of Public Security.

Resisting Trump in private and public

The anonymous New York Times Op-Ed which alleges that senior staff have discreetly worked to mitigate president Trump’s emotional incontinence has produced wild speculation within the US media.

The police and public trust

Recently, the President of Guyana, having consulted with the Leader of the Opposition, thereafter made a departure from the norm in naming a new Commissioner of Police who was not one of the more senior contenders, nor the acting Commissioner of Police.

No mention of bandmaster Clement Nichols

Dear Editor, My attention was drawn to an article in the Monday, September 3, 2018 edition of the Guyana Chronicle headlined: ‘Bringing joy through music – celebrating 160 years of the Guyana Police Force Band’s legacy.’ As I perused the article, I searched over and over again for any mention of the name Clement Edwards Nathaniel Nichols and what transpired during his tenure as Bandmaster of the British Guiana Police Force Military Band.

Sea whip and other marvels

For more than 20 years, Estée Lauder, the world-renowned, manufacturing group of companies named for its founder that has been in existence since the 1940s, has been listing P.

Disconcerting statement on report of high level task force on teachers wages

Dear Editor, For those who have had substantial experience on either side of the Industrial Relations platform it continues to be puzzling to observe the confusion of views being expressed, again by both sides, on what process is now applicable in the brouhaha between the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Teachers’ Union That either party is sufficiently informed about the relevant legislation and the provisions of normal Collective Agreements, is barely evident, and in some instances mostly tentative.

Stan Brock

A week ago today in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, Stan Brock passed away, and as is fast becoming the trend here in Guyana, one can expect that his name will soon be forgotten.

The ‘lil’ money teachers are paid

Dear Editor, We beg your pardon, we who have spent our professional careers in the field of industrial relations, as employers and unionists, must take exception to the remark in SN of September 2, 2018, allegedly made by a Junior Minister, which reads as follows: “No one can be brought in who can do better than us.

Our ‘selfish’, `uncaring’ teachers

Sooner, hopefully rather than later, government and the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) will sit down together again to see through the satisfactory settlement of what has become the difficult issue of settling on a mutually agreed offer to teachers in relation to their salaries, allowances and other conditions of service given a universal acceptance of the reality that there is a gap,  a considerable one, between the service that teachers give to this nation and the extent of the material reward that they receive. 

Carter Formula cannot be easily consigned to dustbin

Dear Editor, At his recently held press conference, President Granger blithely claimed that the Carter Formula for the Chairman of GECOM has outlived its efficacy and should be replaced by some amorphous, ‘I don’t know what’ ‘You guess what’ ‘ who knows what’ body.