Responsibilities for regionalism

All over the Caricom region, as reflected in media commentaries, discussion continues on the retirement of Secretary General Edwin Carrington, on the attributes which a successor should have, on the mode of choosing that successor, and on the role which a secretary general can effectively play in managing and moving along the integration movement.

NCN is operating a second channel in Berbice but CN Sharma’s request to extend signal there being stalled 20

Dear Editor, In response to a letter published in your newspaper of Monday, August16, headed, ‘Why was there need for a second NCN channel In Berbice?’ I must say that many Guyanese have called me to indicate their agreement with the writer, and have urged me to make public the details of my application to transmit a television signal to Berbice.

The city’s garbage woes continue 5

Dear Editor, I was heartened by the knowledge that the Girl Guides of Guyana with the help of a team from the Girlguiding UK Gold Project recently sensitised patrons and vendors at the Georgetown seawall about their responsibility for the site, which has become a virtual dump (SN, August 10, 2010).

Time to tackle wife murders 2

Do the Minister of Home Affairs and the Commis-sioner of Police think that they have an obligation to tackle the gruesome wife murders that have been rocking rural communities this year?

Supenaam stelling scandal 1

Anyone au fait with the defensive measures that this government employs when it is exposed to scandal would not be surprised that Cabinet Secretary Dr Luncheon could only manage to say at his Thursday press briefing that the culpable in the Supenaam Stelling bungle had not yet been identified but that in the interim taxpayers would be the ones left out of pocket for the repairs.

Buxton needs economic empowerment 10

Dear Editor, Another August is here again, a time of much significance especially for Guyanese of African descent, with its inspiring theme of ‘emancipation.’ There are the usual celebrations of cultural heritage in all its forms – dance, music, drums, foods, etc.