Schools and public theatre

Major dramatic productions by schools in Guyana are sporadic, apart from one school that has staged an annual public play for at least the past three years.

Derek Walcott

By the setting of the final decade of the twentieth century, Derek Walcott (January 23, 1930 – March 17, 2017) had advanced to be regarded as the world’s best poet.

Changes and shifts destabilizing the pillars of Mashramani

The road make to walk on carnival day And I don’t like to talk, but I’ve got to say …                           Lord Kitchener, “The Road” (1963) The carnival season ended last Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday, otherwise called Mardi Gras) and the contrasting period of Lent started on Wednesday (Ash Wednesday).

Music highlights changing culture and trends in Trinidad carnival

Recession doh bother we Promote a fete and you go see How we go party to the full extreme And light it up with kerosene            Ultimate Rejects As the Republic of Guyana winds down Mashramani celebrations, carnival races to its peak in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in another year when the two festivals overlap. 

African poetry and politics

(for khalam) Long, long have you held between your hands the black face                  of the warrior Held as if already there fell on it a twilight of death.

Enduring drama: The Nativity Play

Christmas is a religious festival. There are two festivals of equal importance in the Christian religion – Christmas and Easter – although the former is larger and grander.