Diwali and cultural change

Cultural change continues to be a very interesting study. We have from time to time commented on factors of change in Guyana and the Caribbean and have remarked at what has been observed in some cultural traditions.

Naya Zamana 21 keeps Indian cultural traditions alive

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha last week presented their annual theatre Naya Zamana 21, a theatrical adventure titled ‘Lost In Time.’  It showed a very settled, top-flight theatrical production whose serious emphasis was not on a dramatic play or plot, but on dance theatre production and tradition where its real significant achievements lie.

Still much ado about Shakespeare

2016 remains a significant and celebrated year for Shakespeare. It is commemorated worldwide as the 450th year since his death in 1616, and following major and clamorous celebratory events in London and Stratford in April, there are still similar programmes continuing during this year in England and elsewhere, including Guyana.

A brief look at Guyanese Independence literature

On previous occasions we have offered surveys of different areas of Guyanese literature, from its origins in the oral literature of the native Amerindians in the pre-Columbian period, through the beginnings of the scribal literature—both Dutch and British—covering the colonial literature up to the founding of modern Guyanese national literature.