Porphyria’s Lover

The rain set early in to-night,                 The sullen wind was soon awake, It tore the elm-tops down for spite,                 And did its worst to vex the lake:                 I listened with heart fit to break.

Olive Senior has advanced women’s issues in literature

Colonial Girls School for Marlene Smith MacLeish   Borrowed images willed our skins pale muffled our laughter lowered our voices let out our hems dekinked our hair denied our sex in gym tunics and bloomers harnessed our voices to madrigals and genteel airs yoked our minds to declensions in Latin and the language of Shakespeare

High farce and low in Link Show 31

– Madhoo-Nascimento and Robinson maintaining Caribbean satirical tradition

Link Show 31 continues its historical run as the most significant achievement in Guyanese theatre.

Distinguished lecture series seeks to emphasise wider context of Mashramani

The annual Republic of Guyana Distinguished Lecture Series, established in 2011, continued last week with a lecture that provided, as has been the intention, an opportunity for intellectual engagement with concepts that define Guyana as a nation as a part of the celebration of Mashramani and the anniversary of Republicanism.

GT&T and the Ministry of Culture: Realising a dream

(Alim A Hosein is Dean of Education and Humanities at the University of Guyana; a linguist, artist, literary and art critic; Convenor of the Guyana Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition; Member of the Management Committee of the Guyana Prize for Literature) By Alim Hosein   A book of artwork titled Panorama – A Portrait of Guyana was launched at Cara Lodge on Monday January 12.

The Visual Arts Competition 2014: A stunning display of creativity

By Alim Hosein Alim A. Hosein is Dean of Education and Humanities at the University of Guyana; a linguist, literary and art critic, artist, member of the Management Committee of the Guyana Prize for Literature and Coordinator of the Guyana Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition (GVACE) The Awards ceremony held on December 17 at the National Cultural Centre brought an end to the public events in the 2014 Guyana Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition.

The power of time

Sonnet 123   No. Time, thou shalt not boast that I do change Thy pyramids built up with newer might To me are nothing novel, nothing strange; They are but dressings of a former sight.

New developments in theatre

The staging of the production Expressions 2 by GEMS Theatre Produc-tions directed by Gem Madhoo-Nascimento at the Theatre Guild Playhouse on November 9 drew attention to a number of factors arising from the current range of dramatic and poetic performance in Guyana at present.

A dub poet

Reggae fi Radni (to the memory of Walter Rodney)   yu no si how de cloud dem jus come satta pan mi dream

Loss of a cultural symbol

One of the most striking events of the past two weeks was the demolition by fire of the Umana Yana in Georgetown on the afternoon of Tuesday September 9.

Joint Convocation for the creative arts

This week, on Thursday, September 18, four schools, all tertiary colleges specialising in the creative arts disciplines in Guyana, will hold their 2014 Convocation ceremony at the National Cultural Centre.

All art is subject to interpretation

Popular songs are normally ephemeral. They are generally like fashion – here today and gone tomorrow despite their impact and success during the time that they command popular acclaim.

Emancipation traditions

One of the most powerful poems by Trinidad and Tobago’s controversial poet Eric Roach is one called ‘Verse in August.’ Roach, a fairly minor poet in the hierarchy of West Indian writers raises interest and controversy because of the contradictory state of his politics as expressed in his poetry, drama and criticism.

The GVACE returns

-with big prize money and one new category

Alim Hosein is an artist, a linguist, a literary and art critic. He is Dean of the School of Education and Humanities at the University of Guyana; Chairman of the GVACE Committee and a member of the Guyana Prize for Literature Management Committee.

High commendations for Nrityageet 35

– dance production retains colour, spectacleThe performance of Nrityageet 35 last weekend to mark Guyana’s celebration of Arrival Day on May 5 will have to be highly commended.

Performing arts in schools

In Guyana the best celebration of the performing arts in schools is seen in Mashramani where schools of all levels from all parts of the country exhibit untypical exuberance and keen rivalry.

Storytelling and poetry days

Atlas  Give him strength, crouched on one knee in the dark with the earth on his back, balancing the seven seas, the oceans, five, kneeling in ruthless, empty, endless space for grace of whale, dolphin, sea

The celebration of Phagwah

It is always interesting to study traditional festivals, their place in a society and how they are continually affected by time and geography.

A woman’s reflection on a society

Birdshooting Season   Birdshooting season the men make marriages with their guns My father’s house turns macho as from far the hunters gather   All night long contentless women stir their brews: hot coffee chocolata, cerassie wrap pone and tie-leaf for tomorrow’s sport.