For close to seven years now reporters attached to this newspaper have gone to various communities in all ten regions of Guyana, seeking to shed light on their customs, way of life and issues. Recognising that for a very long time, many of the far-to-reach places were out of sight and in several instances out of mind as well.


With a population of almost 300, the close-knit Philadelphia, East Bank Essequibo is a thriving agricultural village that sees co-operation among its people.

Mon Desir

The World Beyond Georgetown

A stall in the village One of the few vehicles operating in the area Residents plant flowers on the parapet Animals grazing and one of the farms behind A villager rides home on her bicycle Bhagmania and grandaughter Meenakshi Etwaru The bridge leading to the school A street in the village A section of the pot-holed road Durpattie Cecil and son Vadram Cecil Nestled in Canal Number Two Polder on the West Bank Demerara is a petite village called Mon Desir.

Malgre Tout

Story and photos by Joanna Khan Malgre Tout is a tiny village on the West Bank Demerara bordered by Versailles and Klein Pouderoyen.

New Road, Essequibo Coast

Described as a closely-knit community by residents, the village of New Road on the Essequibo Coast is cozily nestled between Charity and Somerset and Berks and is home to over 70 families.

Grove, East Bank Essequibo

The small farming village of Grove, located on the outskirts of Parika, East Bank Essequibo and made up of residents of mixed ethnicity, is bordered by the villages of Salem and Look Out.


Story and photos by Joanna Khan   Vriesland is a tiny village on the West Bank Demerara, which has been in existence since the late 1800s.

Vryheid’s Lust

Story by Thandeka Percival with photos by Rae Wiltshire   Every village in Guyana has its own unique personality, and Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara is one of the quiet ones.

La Belle Alliance

Story and photos by Kenesha Fraser   La Belle Alliance, comfortably nestled between Lima and Richmond is home to more than 60 families and has the largest burial ground of any village along the Essequibo Coast.

Le Destin

Le Destin, East Bank Essequibo, located about two miles from Parika is not well known by many, but it has a rich history that its occupants were willing to share.


Story and photos by Kenesha Fraser   Kabakaburi children: Heading home from nursery school Home to approximately 500 men, women and children, Kabakaburi, Upper Pomeroon River is nestled between the communities of Warapana and St Monica.

Better Hope

Story and photos by Jeanna Pearson   Sandwiched between the Plaisance and Vryheid’s Lust communities, Better Hope is a beacon of togetherness with its friendly villagers and rustic homes.

Number 2 Village, East Canje, Berbice

Story and photos by Jannelle Williams Number 2 Village is perhaps one of the most prosperous villages in East Canje Berbice as a large percentage of its residents are involved in private enterprise.


Story by Dacia Whaul with photos by Arian Browne   If you like hot days and cool nights without having to pay for it, then you might consider visiting Timehri.


‘Bush cook’ and a game of cricket on the seashore were the order of the day for young boys living in Annandale in the 1980s.


By Jeanna Pearson with photos by Arian Browne A small community of approximately 800 people, Kaneville is buried deep behind the Grove Housing Scheme on the East Bank Demerara.

Betsy Ground

Story and photos by Jannelle Williams   On the surface it would appear that the village of Betsy Ground is thriving.

Skull City

Story by Jeanna Pearson Photos by Arian Browne Jane Cabral wakes up every morning to the smell of marijuana wafting across her small makeshift house that was once made of plastic.


There were tears, raised voices, accusations, counter-accusations and promises of money. It was a new venture and not everyone was happy with the way it was going.


Many of its residents have sought employment in the gold fields, so Farm Village on the East Bank Essequibo has seen such improvements as modern homes and a higher standard of living.

Lake Mainstay

Story and photos by Kenesha Fraser   The village of Lake Mainstay on the Essequibo Coast is a well-populated Amerindian village located about 25 minutes aback Anna Regina.

Klien Pouderoyen

Story by Sharda Bacchus Photos by Suraj Narine   Klien Pouderoyen is a relatively large village on the West Bank of Demerara, sandwiched between Vreed-en-Hoop and Malgre Tout.

Klien Pouderoyen photos

The Klein Pouderoyen sign stands firm next to ‘Uncle Haroon’s’ shop. Paddy being transferred into a trailer which would later be transported to the rice mills.


Story and photos by Kenesha Fraser “Westbury is the best village on the whole Essequibo Coast,” is the sentiment of Juliet Lall, a resident since 1960.