A perspective on local content

Noise around local content Guyanese have been clamouring for local content provisions in their relationship with ExxonMobil since it became obvious that oil production will be undertaken by the multinational oil giant.

Knowing your company

Complex makeup Many Guyanese have heard the adage “Show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are”.

A likely sector coup

A novelty From the look of things, almost everyone in Guyana is preoccupied with the events in the emerging oil and gas industry in the country.

Is it an illusion?

(Conclusion) Rule out Perhaps among the main reasons for agriculture remaining a priority is the contribution that it makes to the economy beyond making food available for consumption.

Is it an illusion? Part 1


Viewpoint The Guyana economy like most other economies follows the classification of the United Nations System of Accounts.

In need of constant due diligence

Equitable According to remarks made by a high official of the health services, in examining the attributes of an effective health care system, Guyana appears to be far from having a good health care system.

Recognizing and understanding the tax benefits (Final)

Recall from last week’s article, that the benefits received by taxpayers are not all the same and are usually determined by the policy goals of the government which are determined by the level of development of the country, the economic and social condition of the people and the quality of its institutions.

TRIMS and the trade deficit

Beneficiary of wealth The global production structure is made up of an interrelated set of bargains, agreements, rules, laws and institutions that are intended to bring countries closer to each other in a more harmonious relationship.

A further look into trade in services

Vital role Last week’s article offered an overview of trade in services.  Among the things that it sought to do was to enable people to distinguish between services and goods that entered international trade.

Trade in services

Inconspicuous International trade is very important to the growth of the world economy accounting for about 60 per cent of world gross domestic product (GDP).

Getting acquainted with the oil industry


Complexity of industry In an effort to gain a better understanding of how the oil industry works, we started examining its structure last week, using some of the methods that oil industry operators and analysts use.

Getting to know ExxonMobil

Noticeable pleasure Some 17 years ago, ExxonMobil and Guyana signed an agreement for the former to explore for oil in the territorial waters of Guyana.

Confronting 2017

(Conclusion) Rice Last week’s article discussed the things necessary to achieve stability and durability in the national economy.

Confronting 2017

Part 1

Focus and attention The national economy is usually divided up into four sectors, namely, agriculture, mining, manufacturing and services.

The 2017 budget

(Conclusion) Continued attention and support In last week’s article, I indicated the reason that low-income workers appeared unenthusiastic about the relief that the 2017 budget has brought them.

The 2017 budget (Part 3)

The reality One could see from the data presented in last week’s article that the intention of the government is clear.

The 2017 budget (Part 1)

Financial plan On November 28, the Minister of Finance presented the budget for the year 2017 for the consumption of the people of Guyana.


Capital assets In less than one week, trading in the Guyana Stock Market will enter the final month of the year.


Curiosity Prior to the appointment of members of the Public Pro-curement Commission (PPC)  this year, the question that comes to mind is what was the responsibility of Cabinet in the award of contracts over $15 million?

A growing economic curiosity

]Stiff penalties A few months ago, a few persons, expressed an interest in cultivating industrial hemp as part of the economic production of Guyana.

A profile in spending (Part 1)

Most important drivers Guyanese households spend the most money in the economy with the result that their spending contributes the most to the gross domestic output (GDP) each year.

Economic efficiency of government

Conclusion Labour productivity As noted in the first part of this article, six inputs based on physical units or items of expenditure were selected to form an opinion of the stewardship of the previous administration over the affairs of the nation.