A profile in spending (Part 1)

Most important drivers Guyanese households spend the most money in the economy with the result that their spending contributes the most to the gross domestic output (GDP) each year. 

Economic efficiency of government

Conclusion Labour productivity As noted in the first part of this article, six inputs based on physical units or items of expenditure were selected to form an opinion of the stewardship of the previous administration over the affairs of the nation. 

Technology and higher incomes

Complex technology When someone examines global trade statistics, one thing that jumps out at the reader is the difference in export revenues between primary commodities and manufactured goods. 

The economic consequences of an oil economy

Combined efforts Having seen what has happened over the years to many economies of oil-producing countries, the thought has crossed the minds of many Guyanese as to what oil will do to this country.


  LUCAS STOCK INDEX The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) edged up 0.16 percent during the final period of trading in July 2016. 

Massy and Guyana

Conclusion   Widespread The examination of Massy and its performance in 2015 began last week. 

Massy and Guyana (Part 1)

Steadfast Last year, this writer looked at the Massy Group of Companies formerly Neal and Massy to gain an understanding of the operations of this company which has been doing business in Guyana for the past 48 years. 

The Sustainable Development Goals

Conclusion Sustainable and harmonious planet In the previous two articles, the 17 SDGs were identified and the importance of addressing the issue of poverty was highlighted. 

The Sustainable Development Goals

Part 1 Tall order Eight months ago on September 25, 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution A/Res/70/1 which deals with the development agenda for a 15-year period. 

The money supply

Trend in money supply As Guyana celebrates its Golden Jubilee, it is perhaps good to talk about something that is on their minds.