Irrational choices

Early news The early news that has emerged from the new administration about the financial condition of Guyana is not good and one fears that it is likely to worsen as the stories about the condition of different parts of the economy unfold.

Oil and Guyana (Part 2)

(Part 1) Equally worrisome The first part of this article considered what oil would mean for the production structure of Guyana.

Oil and Guyana (Part 1)

Official announcement The official announcement last week that Guyana had oil in significant quantities is something that Guyanese were waiting a long time to hear.

The economics of unity (Part 1)

The current struggle   In 22 days, the current struggle for political leadership in Guyana will be over and the preference of Guyanese as to who must lead them would be known.

NICIL examined

Conclusion Alter the production structure Last week, this writer took a look at the financial profile of NICIL and its links to the long-term investment policies of the government.

NICIL examined

Public policy analysis   The analysis of the individual performance of the commercial banks that are part of the Lucas Stock Index (LSI) will conclude when the 2014 annual report of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) becomes available.

Citizens Bank Incorporated

Attention of management   As we continue the assessment of the performance of the commercial banks in Guyana, attention turns to Citizens Bank Incorporated (CBI).

Understanding Massy

Conclusion   By Rawle Lucas   Insight   Last week, we looked at the structure of Massy, the business activities in which it was involved and the geographic spread of its markets.

Understanding Massy

Very little is said The Massy Group of Companies, formerly Neal and Massy before the rebranding exercise in 2014, has been in existence for 83 years. 

The myth about organised labour

Bad for business   The labour dispute at the University of Guyana has brought to mind the debate of whether or not union activity and collective bargaining help or hurt the economy.

Affordable housing the expensive way

Shameful The loan by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) raises once again the concern about the conscious mismanagement of the resources of the Guyanese people by the PPP/C government.

Seven days and counting

One-party state It is seven days now that Guyana is being managed without its parliament playing a role in the management process.

The tragedy of our history

Old ideas GuyExpo might have presented new experiences for many Guyanese, but it also brought home the reality of the tragedy of the history of the country.

The law is ineluctable

Scope and power of government   In the study of public finance, students come across several concepts which expose them to the scope and power of the government.

A tale of two manufacturers

Conglomerates   The manufacturing sector is the smallest sector in the Guyana economy, accounting for a mere seven per cent of the total output of the country in 2013.

Embracing natural resources

Primitive to sublime The world in which we live is full of natural resources and the economics around them can bring many pleasant and regrettable memories.

Guyana and its natural resources

Recent drama The recent drama surrounding the forestry sector in Guyana is likely to rekindle interest in the effect that exploitation of the natural resources can have on the country.

Some observations on the 2014 half-year report

Apprehension This article offers some observations on the half-year economic report which are made from the perspective of the likely behaviour induced by movement of the monetary variables of credit, foreign reserves and the exchange rate.

Young tourists and foreign investment

Inconsistent   The disclosure that another hotel with an international brand will be built in Guyana has raised once again questions as to what the government’s real interest is in encouraging such types of foreign investment in Guyana.

Different problem, same effect

Declining fortunes This is no time for naysayers to gloat about the declining fortunes of the gold industry and the conundrum of the rice industry.

Expect it to get worse

Rogue drivers The minibus culture of reckless and indisciplined driving is expected to get worse as time goes by unless the police adopt a more aggressive attitude towards the rogue drivers in the industry.