Can we return to the glory days of chess?

There was a promising time in Guyana following the creation of the chess association in the early 1970s, when the nation benefited from men who demonstrated commitment to the game, integrity, and polish.

What if Guyana hosted the Umada Cup?

Event: The Umada Cup  Location: Georgetown, Guyana Host: Guyana Chess Federation Date: Someday in the future   Preamble: The Umada Cup is the premier Caribbean chess championship competition which is held annually, and is sponsored by FIDE, the governing body of world chess.

Stalemate in local chess administration

– China set to defend title at this year’s Olympiad

The word stalemate has its origins in chess. It represents a drawing position in which only the king can move, and although not in check, can move only into check.

Frankie Farley throws hat in the ring for chess federation presidency

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Winston Churchill   Assuredly, demonstrating a negative attitude with clear absences of transparency, prime examples of high-handedness and pellucid cases of disinterest is tantamount to courting disaster, and has contributed the demise of many.

World champions compete in Chess blitz

Last Thursday and Friday, former world chess champion Garry Kasparov opposed new US champion Fabiano Caruana, and the other two top finishers of the 2016 US championship, namely Wesley So and Hikaru Nakamura, in a sensational blitz contest.

Newcomer is player to watch

At the start of the Engineering Construction Incorporated (ECI) chess competition two Saturdays ago, this column enquired whether the tournament should be considered the elimination one for the selection of players for 2016 Chess Olympiad.

Sergey Karjakin wins Candidates Chess Tournament

– to face Carlsen for world title in November

Russia cemented its ascent and influence in chess last week, after more than a decade by realizing a challenger for the approaching November world chess championship title match.

No elections in local chess for second year running

“The annual general meeting, of which at least four weeks prior notice shall be given, will be held not later than March each year.” – Constitution (Rules) of the Guyana Chess Federation, as approved at a general meeting on March 26, 1972  March has ended.

Still waiting for the chess federation

A beleaguered local chess federation, failing in its ability to organize a national junior chess championship and its senior counterpart, in addition to two national school chess championships over the past two years, seems to be stirring some reaction among our youthful precocious chess minds.

Russians duel in Baku finals

During the dutiful protest action to heighten awareness of the persisting, obnoxious Venezuelan claim to Guyana’s territory on Tuesday outside the United Nations in Manhattan, a Guyanese participant expressed the view that President David Granger had in essence checkmated his Venezuelan counterpart following their meeting with the UN Secretary-General.

Neto, Drayton took top awards in memorial tournament

At the lively awards ceremony to mark the 30th death anniversary of former president Forbes Burnham at the Carifesta Sports Club on the evening of Friday before last, there was a palpable sense of excitement among the karate kids who assembled to uplift their medals and trophies.

Drayton victorious at Burnham Memorial tournament

The World Chess Federa-tion’s Candidate Master Anthony Drayton emerged victorious in the fierce Forbes Burnham Memorial Chess Tournament last Sunday following a defeat of Plaisance’s Alexander Duncan in his final game.

Burnham Memorial Tournament now in progress

It is my fervent hope as President of the Guyana Chess Association and as the Head of a Government committed to national excellence in sports, that Ajedrez will make a contribution in further popularizing chess, to illuminate the darkness and dispel the mysteries which in some cases still surround and engulf this great game, and be a source of instruction to the inexperienced, and of pleasure to the initiate.    

A James Bond shot in the arm for local chess

The mysterious game of royalty, chess, was given a plaudit over the weekend as a seven-round, Swiss-system, two-day chess tournament was conducted from yesterday, Saturday, at Congress Place, and will conclude today, Sunday.

The ‘game of the decade’

The 6th Hainan Danzhou chess tournament concluded yesterday. The 16-year-old chess phenomenon Wei Yi played a game with Cuba’s number two player, Lazaro Batista Bruzon.

Machines built to win at ‘thinking’ games

Garber to fellow policeman: “You won’t believe this.” Policeman: “You know me. I believe anything.” Garber: “They took Pelham 123 today.” Policeman: “I don’t believe it.” – From the film The Taking of Pelham 123 (1974) I didn’t believe it either when I learnt that mankind had developed a machine which played chess.