India takes the lead

Following the conclusion of round six of the 42nd Chess Olympiad currently in progress in Baku, Azerbaijan, India’s men have taken the lead ahead of such behemoths as Russia, the US, China, Ukraine and the Netherlands.

So wins Sinquefield Cup

– Guyana set to benefit from Baku experience

The intriguing Sinquefield Cup, the elite grandmaster chess tournament which featured seven of the world’s top 10 players has been completed, with a resounding victory for the US’s Wesley So.

Chess enjoying unprecedented boom

Chess is enjoying an unprecedented boom in the capital city much of it because there was open criticism over the manner in which the 2016 Guyana Olympiad chess team was chosen.

Can we return to the glory days of chess?

There was a promising time in Guyana following the creation of the chess association in the early 1970s, when the nation benefited from men who demonstrated commitment to the game, integrity, and polish.

What if Guyana hosted the Umada Cup?

Event: The Umada Cup  Location: Georgetown, Guyana Host: Guyana Chess Federation Date: Someday in the future   Preamble: The Umada Cup is the premier Caribbean chess championship competition which is held annually, and is sponsored by FIDE, the governing body of world chess.

Stalemate in local chess administration

– China set to defend title at this year’s Olympiad

The word stalemate has its origins in chess. It represents a drawing position in which only the king can move, and although not in check, can move only into check.

World champions compete in Chess blitz

Last Thursday and Friday, former world chess champion Garry Kasparov opposed new US champion Fabiano Caruana, and the other two top finishers of the 2016 US championship, namely Wesley So and Hikaru Nakamura, in a sensational blitz contest.

Newcomer is player to watch

At the start of the Engineering Construction Incorporated (ECI) chess competition two Saturdays ago, this column enquired whether the tournament should be considered the elimination one for the selection of players for 2016 Chess Olympiad.