No elections in local chess for second year running

“The annual general meeting, of which at least four weeks prior notice shall be given, will be held not later than March each year.” – Constitution (Rules) of the Guyana Chess Federation, as approved at a general meeting on March 26, 1972  March has ended.

Still waiting for the chess federation

A beleaguered local chess federation, failing in its ability to organize a national junior chess championship and its senior counterpart, in addition to two national school chess championships over the past two years, seems to be stirring some reaction among our youthful precocious chess minds.

Russians duel in Baku finals

During the dutiful protest action to heighten awareness of the persisting, obnoxious Venezuelan claim to Guyana’s territory on Tuesday outside the United Nations in Manhattan, a Guyanese participant expressed the view that President David Granger had in essence checkmated his Venezuelan counterpart following their meeting with the UN Secretary-General.