The ‘game of the decade’

The 6th Hainan Danzhou chess tournament concluded yesterday. The 16-year-old chess phenomenon Wei Yi played a game with Cuba’s number two player, Lazaro Batista Bruzon.

Machines built to win at ‘thinking’ games

Garber to fellow policeman: “You won’t believe this.” Policeman: “You know me. I believe anything.” Garber: “They took Pelham 123 today.” Policeman: “I don’t believe it.” – From the film The Taking of Pelham 123 (1974) I didn’t believe it either when I learnt that mankind had developed a machine which played chess.

Chess, politics and coincidence

In the long, fluctuating history of chess, since it was first discovered in India some time around 6 AD, the number of heads-of-state who are familiar with the game becomes noticeable.

Promoting chess can redound to the benefit of all Guyanese

“The ultimate strength of our country and our cause will be not in powerful weapons or infinite resources or boundless wealth, but will lie in the unity of our people.” – Excerpt from a speech delivered by US President Lyndon B Johnson on March 31, 1968, Washington, DC.

Fischer was most famous American – Karpov

As I conclude the lengthy Karpov interview discussing only Fischer, I was surprised when Karpov, over dinner in Nassau, noted that Fischer had legions of chess fans in the Soviet Union during his match with Spassky.

How Fischer changed chess

Continued from last week

Here is the penultimate instalment of the Anatoly Karpov interview discussing Fischer.   IF: When you were preparing with Geller and your team, what would a typical day be like?

How Fischer changed chess

– the Karpov interview continues

During the ‘Match’ following word that chess was categorized as another exciting version of the widespread draughts and which was delivered by a curious soldier of the former British empire who saw active service in the realm of the outer world, Mr Gomes, our village became a hub which was fired with a fervour for a board game which had not been noticeable in the past.

Anatoly Karpov talks Bobby Fischer

In addition to offering a detailed analysis of his life experiences for the publication Sport Express, the 12th World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov accommodated notable freelance chess writer Irwin Fisk with an interview which dealt solely with the American grandmaster Bobby Fischer.

Carlsen bests Naiditsch after Armageddon final

The Grenke Chess Classic Tournament, which was contested in Baden-Baden, Germany, turned out to be an exciting final as world champion Magnus Carlsen and Germany’s Arkadij Naiditsch battled to an Armageddon game to decide the winner of the tournament.

Naiditsch defeats Carlsen

Germany’s chess grandmaster Arkadij Naiditsch promoted a rook pawn to the queening square and so defeated world champion Magnus Carlsen at the Grenke Chess Classic at Baden-Baden.