Seize the time!

As if the political controversies were not enough, the rains and inevitable floods brought more woes to the populace.

Slipping through the back door?

President Ramotar said in his address to the nation last week that if the opposition persists with the no-confidence motion, he will “prorogue or dissolve” the National Assembly.

Navin Chandarpal

Navin Chandarpal was one of Guyana’s best known public figures and politicians. His popularity was so extensive that most people who knew him well, even those who did not share his political views or allegiances, felt honoured to be considered by him as a friend.

Time to abolish the death penalty

The death penalty has not been carried out in Guyana since 1997. While it is true that there has been a large increase in murders since then, murders have equally soared in countries which have abolished the death penalty like South Africa as well as in countries which have not, like Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Leave david granger alone

Leader of the PNCR, Chairman of APNU and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger, has had to field questions recently about the effectiveness of the opposition which together control a majority by one of the seats in the National Assembly.

Gecom under attack

Since Rudy Collins, Chairman of what was then known as the Elections Commission, put his life on the line in October 1992 against rampaging mobs determined to trash the Commission’s offices and derail the electoral process, the Commission has been the target of politicians who seek an excuse for losing elections.

Spotlight on constitutional reform

I had the privilege of being interviewed on the Spotlight TV programme on Channel 9 in the distinguished company of Henry Jeffrey and Tacuma Ogunseye, both knowledgeable and experienced observers of the political scene.

Trust and politics in Guyana

General Secretary of the PPP, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, declared at his press conference last week that the PPP has no problem with shared governance and the ‘winner does not take all’ principle.

No confidence

The AFC released on Friday last a letter to the President of Guyana in which it advised that it will be tabling in the National Assembly a motion of no confidence in the government.

Quid pro quo

The Peoples’ National Congress (PNC) government nationalised the Demerara Bauxite Company in 1971.

Taking silk

The first appointment of a Queen’s Counsel in England was that of Sir Francis Bacon, made by Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1594, for a political purpose.

The promise of 1950

This is an appropriate time, on the occasion of the celebration of Guyana’s 48th Independence Anniversary, only two years before age 50, to begin the assessment of our condition as an independent nation and try to assess the future.

Rudisa and the governance of Guyana

The case of Rudisa Beverages and Juices (Rudisa) v The State of Guyana, decided by the Caribbean Court of Justice (“CCJ”) on May 8, 2014, exposes not only the state of governance in Guyana over the past two decades but also symbolizes the complete loss of Guyana’s ability to achieve political agreement on any matter of consequence.