Staying the fitness course

Most people do not have trouble getting started working out. You start off psyched, enthusiastic, and ready to go, buy the products, sign up to the plan and are ready to makeover your life.

Foods for staving off hunger

Anyone pursuing a ‘goal physique’ faces the same enemy: gnawing, remorseless hunger. There is nothing wrong with experiencing occasional bouts of hunger throughout the day, especially just before mealtimes or after a calorie-crushing workout.

Alcohol and fitness

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) dubbed the biggest party in sport is taking the Caribbean and the 592 by storm and some of the biggest alcoholic beverage companies in the region have partnered with the Amazon Warriors and other franchises.

The Guyana Chess Federation’s dinner

The executive committee of the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF), led by its President James Bond, created an exquisite show for its fundraising dinner three Saturday evenings ago at the Promenade Gardens.

Hydration is important

Exercising is important in life for health of mind and body, but there are also other things that are just as equally if not even more important.

Workout fuel

This week we will take a look at some foods which will fuel your workouts and along with the exercises, aid in your toning efforts for that ‘summer’ body.

Maximize fat burning 24/7

Burning fat is a 24/7 activity – or it should be. A lot of people only think about fat burning during their workouts, but the truth is you can do a lot to maximize it at other times too.

Flat belly foods

Guyana Carnival 2018 is right around the corner and gyms and fitness centres countrywide are filled with individuals (including myself) looking to get a tighter physique or primed for the many pool parties, j’ouvert celebrations and the street parade.

What about milk?

During the last few weeks we have touched on liquids like water, coconut water and coffee and their pros and cons for your fitness journey, but what about milk?

Coffee’s pros and cons

For the past few weeks we have discussed the benefits of water (nature’s beverage) and coconut water (nature’s Gatorade) but what about coffee, one of the most researched substances in sports nutrition?

Best foods for athletes

Last Tuesday, I was tasked with giving a short presentation on the importance of fitness and good nutrition to some of the employees of the Bank of Guyana.

Can you sweat off body fat?

Have you ever weighed yourself before and after a workout? Depending on how hard you trained, you could have lost anywhere from half to a couple of pounds during your workout.

Healthy diet: a lifetime commitment

We often come across countless types of dieting protocols, and testimonials of how these different approaches work and how each one of these diets seems to be better than the others.

Healthy diet: a lifetime commitment

We often come across countless types of dieting protocols, and testimonials of how these different approaches work and how each one of these diets seems to be better than the others.

Getting ready for Mash

Mashramani in Guyana and Trinidad’s carnival are right around the corner. You want to show off your physique on the road, the beach or fit snugly into that outfit.

Decide, set and go!

Some of you readers have decided that sometime in 2018 you will start taking control of your health and fitness by eating right and incorporating exercises into your regimen.

2018 goals

Congratulations! If you’re reading this then you’ve made it to 2018 and that’s something to be proud of.

Immune boosters and busters for the rainy season

Already suffering from the seasonal sniffles? With the arrival of cold and flu season, you may be tempted to turn to immune-boosting supplements like Emergen-C to save you from a sore throat, runny nose, body aches, and the other energy-sapping side effects of the year-end bug.

A time to train and a time to rest

Whether your aim is to improve overall health, get fit, or just stay a few steps ahead of the aging process, turning to the wealth of resources available online is one of the first things most people do.

Eating for your goals

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily translate to weight loss A common complaint I hear: “But I’ve been eating healthier these past few weeks, all organic, natural foods and I can’t seem to lose weight.

Let’s talk Testosterone

The ‘bad boy’ hormone also known as ‘test’ representing male muscles and sex drive has been proven to profoundly influence health and disease as well as predict behaviour in both sexes.