Boosting fat loss, muscle gain

Whether your bodybuilding and fitness goals involve losing fat or gaining muscle, it is my opinion that your chances of success will increase greatly if you include L-carnitine in your arsenal.

Which diet is the best?

Often we come across all sorts of dieting protocols and countless testimonials about how these approaches work; each one of these diets seems to be better than the next.

Recipes for the flat tummy fix

- abs are maintained in the kitchen

While most people continue to focus on spot-reduction techniques for problem areas (which don’t work), real progress is made in the kitchen.

Tips for a smaller waistline

Why would anyone want a smaller waist? For starters, the circumference of your waist correlates with your risk of metabolic disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Tips for better sleep

I have been receiving a lot of emails lately from readers asking about remedies for sleeping better, since a good night’s sleep has been hard to come by.

Achieving fitness in 2017

Some of you reading this have already decided that you are going to wait for some time in 2017 to start taking control of your health and fitness by eating right and incorporating exercises into your regimen.

Cutting back

Being fit is more than just physical fitness; it is also a state of mind, because mental health is very important to our overall health.

Do fat burners, weight-loss supplements actually work?

You may see them advertised in magazines, on television and online: “ultimate fat burner,” “super fat burner,” green tea fat burner,” and products that claim to be able to “melt away fat,” “burn calories” and “instantly reduce body fat.” Do they really work?

Lifting for good bones

In response to last week’s column about how it’s possible to achieve a slim waistline by shedding extra belly fat while maintaining curves so to speak, I received some emails from concerned women who would like to just ‘tone up’ without lifting.

Improve fat loss with BCAAs

For the past two weeks, I touched on the benefits of supplementing with Citrulline Malate and Glutamine for cardiovascular health, recovery and effective blood flow.

Taking supplements: which ones and why

On Wednesday while sipping on a pre-workout supplement in my hotel room overlooking the horizon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, it occurred to me that I should tell readers about some of the supplements I take and why.


What is good cardio and how often should you do it Last week I discussed cardio and discussed the two types of cardio, HIIT and LISS.

How safe are low fat foods?

One of the most popular phrases in today’s health-conscious society is “low-fat.” Other common phrases we hear are “low-fat diet,” “sugar free,” or “calorie free.” What is being touted by the use of these phrases is that these foods are healthy because they are low in fat or calories.

Foods for fat loss

Last week we discussed exercises for toning and how they can help you achieve the ideal physique you have pictured in your head.

Achieving ‘glute’ goals

Whilst guys are getting shredded or toned to show off our chests, arms and abs for the ‘summer,’ ladies are mostly concerned with their midsection, legs and their butts.

Tips to accelerate fat loss

It’s wedding season and it will soon segue into ‘summer’ vacation season. So if you need to shed a few pounds to fit into that suit, gown, dress, bikini or board shorts keep reading.

Boosting your immunity

During the May/June rainy season here it’s also flu season. I’m sure many of you readers can agree that some of your loved ones, friends and/or co-workers have been bitten with the flu bug lately.