Achieving ‘glute’ goals

Whilst guys are getting shredded or toned to show off our chests, arms and abs for the ‘summer,’ ladies are mostly concerned with their midsection, legs and their butts.

Tips to accelerate fat loss

It’s wedding season and it will soon segue into ‘summer’ vacation season. So if you need to shed a few pounds to fit into that suit, gown, dress, bikini or board shorts keep reading.

Boosting your immunity

During the May/June rainy season here it’s also flu season. I’m sure many of you readers can agree that some of your loved ones, friends and/or co-workers have been bitten with the flu bug lately.

How to build bigger calves

Last week we discussed the numerous benefits of not skipping ‘leg day’. But while many of us work our butts off on ‘leg day’ and earn well-developed quads and hamstrings, we still have difficulty building massive calves.

Hydration is important

For the past three columns I discussed and illustrated some of the staples in my breakfast, lunch and dinner meal stacks and their numerous benefits.

Warming up before you workout

The benefits of rest and recovery and massages were discussed in the past two columns as some of the things you should typically do post-workout to help with your fitness goals outside of the gym.

Rest and recovery – how important are they?

Last week the topic of training smarter rather than harder was discussed. In that column, I illustrated the significant strength and muscle gains I achieved in 14 months with training just three days per week rather than going ‘balls to the walls’ daily like a pro bodybuilder on anabolic steroids.

Train smarter, not harder

Having added to debunking the myth that strength training would suddenly morph women into bulky, manly beings, my thoughts naturally turned to the quality of training.

It’s in the genes

Scrolling through my Instagram timeline last week I came across a funny meme with the caption: “Some people can eat five burgers and not gain a pound; I click ‘like’ on a picture of a Nutella jar and gain five pounds.” While the meme was hilarious and obviously untrue, I asked myself the question “Does genetics play a