Fitness and Nutrition

You can’t outwork a bad diet 

Many people still like to focus on spot-reduction techniques for problem areas, which don’t work, when real progress with weight loss is made in the kitchen.  Now, that’s not to say that the gym doesn’t play an important role in muscular development.

Eating for your goals

A colleague of mine shared that she has been eating healthy and drinking her flat tummy teas yet she has not been losing any weight.

Science has disproved the old ways

Many times, I find myself engaging in conversations with some of the older heads in the fitness community and unfortunately some of them still live by some old, odd beliefs in what’s right when it comes to being healthy and building muscle.

Make sure you are safe when hitting the gym again

Going back to the gym

Read this before heading back to gym. For the better part of the last six months, our lives have been turned upside down, and this has highlighted more than ever the therapeutic nature of regular exercise.

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