Fitness and Nutrition

Baldness and fitness

Exercising is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Your weight will be kept under control, you will have more energy, your mood will be lighter, and you will sleep better.

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Why you may not be losing stubborn body fat

Sometimes that scale will just not budge, despite what you’d rightfully consider a herculean effort.In those moments of doubt, when you’ve hit the gym regularly, dieted religiously, avoided temptations, and otherwise persevered, all to no avail, sometimes an outside perspective is key.

Mental health and exercise

Most people are aware of the physical benefits of exercise and are also possibly aware of the health-related benefits that reduce the risk of chronic conditions.

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Healthy snacking

Life is so busy in this day and age and it can often feel difficult to get to the gym, prepare your meals, go to work, spend quality time with friends and family and somehow schedule in downtime all before it’s time to get to bed (and preferably at a reasonable hour).

How exercise can help with stress

Stress is a problem that affects many of us. There are lots of different causes of stress and modern life, it seems, is inventing new ways to increase stress and, ironically, many modern innovations designed to make life easier are responsible.

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