Aspects of Sovereign Wealth Funds in Guyana-type economies

Following last week’s discussion of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) as a mechanism for avoiding and/or controlling the triad of crises typically associated with booms in oil and gas export revenues, I describe below the Government of Guyana’s declared intention with regards to its own SWF.

Oil and natural gas: The basic production process

From early colonial times, Guyana’s commodity potential has attracted external investments. And this attraction has remained easily the leading indicator of both Guyana’s growth and development performance as well as its prospects.

Guyana: Oil and its fiscal break-even price

Introduction In this ongoing series discussion of Guyana’s prospect during its coming time of oil and gas production and export (that is circa 2025), I had introduced in last week’s column the notion of the break-even price.

Guyana and Indicative Crude Oil Price circa 2025

Introduction: Cost-Price Relation Two weeks ago (October 23), this column had introduced as part of the continuing discussion of “Guyana in the coming time of oil and gas production and export”, the notion of the “cost-price relation” that could emerge after production starts.

Guyana’s proposed national log export policy

Introduction Today’s column concludes my discussion of Guyana’s extractive forest sub-sector. I shall return later to the issue of its governance, when I attempt a more general assessment of governance in Guyana’s extractive industries sector, as a whole.

The extractive forest sector’s production under-performance

Introduction As I have opined before, the microeconomic information supplied in last Sunday’s column, depicting employment levels within the extractive forest sub-sector, generally conforms to what might have been anticipated, given the weak, erratic, and declining economic returns exhibited by the sub-sector, when analyzed from a macroeconomic/national accounts perspective, for the decade 2006-2015.