Is the global community driving the agenda for Guyana’s forests?

Although in my ongoing presentation of these articles on Guyana’s forests it has not been so far singled out for attention, it should be clear from last week’s contribution that the international forest agenda is directly driving much of the agenda items framing Guyana’s forests and land use policies, as the country goes forward.

The IDB’s bullish take on bauxite in Guyana and Caricom

Introduction Last week I had indicated today’s column would continue to discuss potential pitfalls arising from Guyana’s heavy dependence on extractive export industries, and the likely deepening of this dependence in the coming time of oil and gas production and export.

The Wales situation

Introduction: one-off As I have done over the past several years, I had intended, some time much later in the year, to devote a few columns to an update on the state of Guyana’s sugar industry.

Guyana’s weak economic data constrains robust analysis

Introduction Last week’s column wrapped-up the series of nine successive contributions arguing for the adoption by Guyana and Caricom, of the United Nations (UN) Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as their long-term planning and policy frameworks.