Potato Salad with Salt Fish

In Good Taste

One day as I sat enjoying a small bowl of Lucian-style (St Lucia) fig (green banana) salad, I began to wonder how salt fish (a key ingredient in Lucian fig salad) would taste in a regular potato salad.

Sautéed Pumpkin & Spinach

  Sometimes many of the combinations and things I cook, and the dishes I come up with are borne out of happenstance, experimentation, making do or laziness.


(Adapted from My Bread)   While I don’t eat bread often, I am always making bread – just because I love baking breads.

Pumpkin & chickpea soup

In good taste

With the start of the new semester and very little time to cook during the week, I find myself making large pots of soups on the weekends and then placing them into individual containers so that I can consume them during the week.

Sautéed carrots

  I prefer to eat carrots raw. The exceptions are when they are diced or julienned and cooked to make Fried Rice or Chowmein.


In good taste

When I first moved to Barbados in the late 90’s to work at the Caribbean Broadcast-ing Union (now Carib-bean Media Corporation, CMC), it meant getting home closer to 8 each evening after Caribbean Newsline, one of the flagship programmes of the organization.

Light Noodles

In good taste

With the holidays officially over, it seems mandatory that we turn to light cooking.

The Final Round

In good taste

By now, most of us have had our fill of cake and will be getting ready to toast 2014, wondering where it went… simultaneously, we will welcome 2015, full of hope for betterment in all aspects of our lives and indeed for the world.

The Main Thing

In good taste

The mains for most holiday meals come in the form of a large piece of meat that has been baked/roasted.

Opening with small bites

  Generally speaking, the way we present our food here in the Caribbean does not come as a 3-course meal; rather it is served in 2 courses – the main/entrée (which would also include a variety of side dishes and what in other cuisines would be referred to as appetizers).