(Continued from last week) Roses have a long and colourful history. Valentine’s Day is said to be the best season for roses.


Roses, botanic name Rosa were said to have originated mainly in Asia, China to be precise, though the Egyptians were also thought to have been among the first to cultivate them.

Grow your own avocadoes

In Guyana, avocado (Persea Americana) is in season. The fruit is bountiful in the markets in different sizes depending on where they were grown.

Leaf miners

Owing to the heavy rainfall lots of pests and fungi are showing up.

Mexican Heather

Cuphea hyssopifolia commonly called Mexican Heather or False Heather originated in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras in Central America.

Rose of Sharon

Hibiscus syriacus commonly called Rose of Sharon or Shrub Althea originated in northern Israel and Syria.

Rainy season fungus protection

As I said last week, with rain comes fungus. With the constant rainfall that we are experiencing, plants are not being allowed to dry off properly.

Exotic tropical flowers

Tropical flowers grow naturally in tropical climatic countries. Guyana has a large collection of tropical blooms, which are exotic, beautiful and long lasting. 


I have written so much on trees in the city, but my warnings and advice continue to fall on deaf ears.

Wishbone Flower

Torenia commonly called Wishbone Flower originated in southern and western Asia. Torenia is another annual grown from seeds.

Lady Slipper

Balsam commonly called Lady Slipper originated from Southern Asia. Lady Slipper is an annual plant and is an old-fashioned favourite grown from seeds between April and September; it is a member of the Impatiens family.

Season for annuals

Annuals are flowering plants that are grown from seeds and would last for approximately six months.

Easter blooms

With Easter comes a rainbow of colours in the garden. Flowers are blooming gloriously.

Swiss cheese plant

Philodendron Monstera obliqua commonly called Swiss cheese plant originated in the rainforests of Central America and Mexico.

Coral Creeper

Barleria repens commonly called Coral Creeper originated in South Africa. The Coral Creeper is a scrambling flowering shrub with glossy green leaves and coral (reddish/orange) tubular flowers.

Growing vegetables from seeds

New varieties of vegetable seeds are out on the market. Over the last two weeks, I have set English Tomatoes, Celery, Chives, Wiri Pepper and Sweet Pepper seeds.

Hanging Heliconia

Heliconia rostrata commonly called Hanging Heliconia or Hanging Lobster Claw originated in South and Central America.

Torch Ginger

Etlingera Elatior commonly called Torch Ginger originated in Malaysia. Torch Ginger is an attractive member of the Ginger family.

Caring for your plants

Over the last few weeks I have received many queries on how to care for potted house plants and what type of plant food to use.

Coral tree

Erythrina indica picta commonly called Coral tree originated in India and Australia. The Coral tree comes from the Leguminosae family.

Castor Oil plant

  Ricinus communis commonly called Castor Oil plant originated in India.This shrub has many varieties.

Chinese Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is actually a member of the Dracaena sanderiana family even though the plant resembles a Bamboo.

After flood care for your plants

Last month’s heavy rainfall brought unexpected flooding. Numerous people went to bed on December 22, 2016 and awakened on December 23, 2016 to the rising water around them, only to find out that some of the pumps were not working and the high tide did not help the situation either.

Fine Leaf Thyme

Thymus vulgaris commonly called Fine Leaf Thyme originated in the Mediterranean and is the cousin of Spanish Thyme which has finer leaves.


Hibiscus sabdariffa commonly called sorrel or roselle comes from the Malvaceae family and originated from India and Malaysia; it later spread to Africa and the Caribbean.

The symbol of Christmas

(continued from last week) Poinsettia with its bright velvety red bracts would make an ideal Christmas gift.

The symbol of Christmas

Look around you and you know it is Christmas! This year Poinsettia arrived early in bright red in various sizes evoking the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas plants

With the Christmas season approaching, there will be lots of plant sales with a variety of plants being offered for sale.

Chinese Money Tree

Pachira aquatica commonly called Chinese Money Tree originated in East Asia: Japan, Taiwan and China. 


With the festive season soon approaching many of you are thinking of repotting your plants so that they would be ready to display in the house or garden.


Pruning can improve the look of all plants that are leggy, lopsided or too large.

Blue Daze

Evolvulus glomeratus commonly called Blue Daze originated in Brazil and Paraguay, in South America.


Curcuma longa, commonly called Turmeric originated from South East Asia and India. Turmeric is an ancient spice and is a main ingredient in curry powder and Asian foods.


Annona muricata commonly called Soursop or Guanabana by the Spanish originated in the Peruvian rainforest and the lowlands of Central America; it comes from the Annonaceae family.

Plant or save a tree

When my childhood friend was called to eternal rest in Canada, the funeral home offered the family to plant a tree in her memory at a park and the family took up the offer.


Trees are grown for their beautiful flowers and others for their beautiful foliage.

Janet Craig

Dracena deremensis commonly called Janet Craig originated from Tropical Africa. Dracena Janet Craig is a greener version to Dracena fragrans commonly called Corn Plant and they are related to each other.

The corn plant

Dracaena fragrans commonly called corn plant originated from Africa and has adapted well in the tropics.

Spider plants

Chlorophytum comosum vittatum commonly called Spider plant originated from Africa and the sub-tropics. 

Sacred Heart Lily

Alocasia sanderiana commonly called Sacred Heart Lily or Kris Plant originated from the Philippines and belongs to the Araceae family.