Mashramani competitions stage strong comeback

– but Carnival and J’ouvert still hold much sway

Carnival and J’ouvert have come to Guyana, and as they do, they provide another opportunity to analyse Mashramani.

Pygmy Antwren

The Pygmy Antwren (Myrmotherula brachyura) is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela.

Stress management

“This relationship only stressing me out.”                                                  “This wuk is bare stress.” “I fed up with all dis stress in meh life.” Sound familiar?

I didn’t know that

No matter how long ago you were born, no matter how long you live, we keep running into stuff that leaves you gaping and saying something like, “I think I know a lot of stuff, but I that’s news to me.

Rufous-throated Antbird

The Rufous-throated Antbird (Gymnopithys rufigula) is confined to the Guiana Shield, where it inhabits the understory of lowland terra firme forests.


Artocarpus heterophyllus commonly called Jackfruit originated in India and South East Asia. In 1887 it was introduced in Florida.

Road Map: Why Guyana’s 13 to 15 billion barrels of oil reserves are on the cards

Introduction Today’s column presents my justification for the “bullish estimate of 13 to 15 billion barrels of high quality oil as Guyana’s reserves potential.” Based on this estimated potential, I have gone further to predict Guyana’s daily rate of production (DROP) at full ramp-up (or operating at maximum/peak output) is likely to be as high as 1.5 to 2.5 million barrels of high quality crude oil per day.

Lucas stock index

Last Update: 523.86                                                                       Movement: 0.57% Current Update: 526.85                                                                 YTD Movement: 2.33%LUCAS STOCK INDEX The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) rose 0.57% during the second period of trading in February, 2019.

Cricket bacchanal erupts

Certain aspects of Caribbean life can produce various rages in our people, with the ingredients to cause such maladies in the population as high blood pressure, copious perspiration, bulging veins in the neck, and stomach pains.

A blessing for my mother

Perhaps my oldest memory—I must have been two or three—is of my mother hugging me at night when she put me into bed and holding the palms of my hands together while she said a simple prayer, which I soon learned by heart.                                


pPlumeria commonly called Frangipani originated in tropical America and quickly spread across the Caribbean and Guyana.

Dusky Antbird

The Dusky Antbird (Cercomacra tyrannina) is found across much of middle America, from southeast Mexico southwards, thence across much of northern South America south as far as northern Brazil.


Last Update: 537.17                                        Movement: 2.48% Currebt Update: 523.86                                  YTD Movement: -1.75% The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) declined 2.48% during the first period of trading in February, 2019.

Change is a constant

Probably because it causes disruptions of varying levels in our lives, we tend to see change as something revolutionary, one of a kind, when in fact it is always going on.

The value of time

My father was a gentle, calm, and wise man. “He never raised his voice except to give encouragement nor raised his hand except to greet a friend.” But in his gentleness he was also strong in his convictions.

Staghorn fern

Platycerium bifurcatum commonly called Staghorn fern originated in Australia and New Guinea. Staghorn fern grows well on tree trunks, especially in the rainforest.

A look at Philip Sherlock’s ode to Long Mountain

Pocomania                                                                                  Long Mountain rise, Lift you’ shoulder, blot the moon, Black the stars, hide the skies, Long Mountain, rise, lift you’ shoulder high.

Lucas stock index

Last Update: 506.88                                                                   Movement: 5.98% Currebt Update: 537.17                                                             YTD Movement: -4.33%LUCAS STOCK INDEX The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) rose 5.98% during the fourth period of trading in January, 2019.