Dr Cen Jones, who has died aged 85, was an expert in tropical medicine whose initiatives in following up on the pioneering work of Dr Giglioli, virtually eradicated malaria in British Guiana (now Guyana).

Eye Issues

Why does my eye jump or twitch? Sometimes part of your eyelid may twitch for several minutes or hours.

All On Sunday

Poetry International Rotterdam is an organisation in the Netherlands that exists for the promotion and propagation of poetry on a full-time basis.


Of the twenty-one games that were played, Spassky won one other, the 11th., when he produced a novelty, or, as the Russians say, a novinka, winning Fischer’s Queen.

consumer Concerns

Sunday Stabroek, August 6, 2006: ‘Not govt’s intention to have food prices increase because of VAT – Jagdeo.’ What happened between August 2006 and January 2007?


The cervix is part of a woman’s reproductive system. It is the lower, narrow part of the uterus.

Pet Corner

Continued from last week So, now back to the wretched tapeworm. Signs of a tapeworm infestation You may recall that last week’s The Pet Corner ex-plained that the mature segments of the adult tapeworm are expelled with the animal’s stool.

Guyana and the wider world

Introduction This is the first of a series on forestry policies and current practices in Guyana.

The View From Europe

St Lucia’s new Minister of Tourism and Aviation, Allen Chastenet, has a refreshingly different perspective on government.

A Gardener’s Diary

The simplest way to raise trees and shrubs is from cuttings. There are several types of cuttings you can use, but the simplest and most economical are hardwood cuttings.

Ian On Sunday

There have been a handful of men who have made a deep and unforgettable impression on me: my father, first and always; Jock Campbell, Chairman of Bookers in the 1950s and ’60s; Martin Carter, whose poetry time as it passes burnishes to a yet brighter gleam.


Pain is a universal human experience. It is an unpleasant sensory experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.

Pet Corner

Tapeworms, though not as lethal as hookworms can be equally debilitating in the long run.

A Gardener’s Diary

One of the greatest pleasures I have is talking about plants. A few nights ago I had a very nice time talking to a friend in Barbados about the plants that she now has, and once had in her garden.

Through A Woman’s Eyes

When my daughter began nursery school about six years ago, she came from school one day so anxious to relate what had occurred, the words were tripping over each other.

Eye Issues

My wife is trying to get me to stop smoking and she says it can damage my eyes.

Business Page

Introduction Last year this publication ran a story regarding a potential reform being considered by the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) to replace the current pay as you go system with a system whereby benefits are set with reference to the amount of contributions paid into the scheme (‘NIS eyes contribution-based pensions proposal as part of reform,’ Sunday Stabroek, November 5, 2006).

The View From Europe

Listening to Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley, speak in Aruba one could not but have sympathy with her and the difficult hand that she has been given to play over Caricom’s new visa regime.

Ian On Sunday

There is no connection between sexual mores and job performance. Many of the greatest leaders in history were unbridled lechers.

Chess With Errol Tiwari

Continued from last week Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, was the location for the encounter between Fischer and Spassky.

Consumer Concerns

The poor are always with us. In Guyana we are very conscious of the fact that many of our consumers are living from hand to mouth.

Arts On Sunday

Last week we took a brief look at contemporary African poetry as illustrated by a selection from a poet resident in Britain, Nigeria born Ben Okri, who won the Booker Prize 1991 for his novel The Famished Road.

Arts On Sunday 2

One of the interesting elements of African poetry is the way it has journeyed in Africa, in Europe and through the diaspora around the world through originality, imitation, modern, identity consciousness, back to imitation to become an influence on the originality of a major contemporary literary movement.

Consumer Concerns

A consumer asked “Why have consumers been misled? We were told that the cost of living would not rise, that food prices would remain the same.

Pet Corner

I did say last week that we would move into the discussion on tapeworms.