Guyana and the wider world

Rising food prices, inflation and oil prices By Dr Clive Thomas Last week’s column posed the question: has the era of cheap food really ended?

Business Page

Facing the threat of rising oil and food prices By Christopher Ram IntroductionOil seems to have a talismanic role in the world’s psyche.

Consumer Concerns

Living in darkness By Eileen Cox The Guyana Power & Light Inc seems committed to improving its service. 

The View From Europe

There is a change in political mood about trade liberalization among small states By David Jessop As this is being written Caribbean Heads of Government are meeting in Barbados.

Through a woman’s eyes

Don’t hold your breath By Cheryl Springer Women, women’s organizations and anti-violence advocates may just have felt a sliver of hope three weeks ago, when the government launched its much-touted national policy on domestic violence, titled ‘Break the Cycle – Take Control.’ Perhaps not.

Ian On Sunday

The filthy rich By Ian McDonald I have been asked why I criticize the way rich countries treat poor countries.

Arts On Sunday

River Bottom: Reflecting current popular trends in theatre The theatre of Oliver Samuels as it is today has many things to tell us about itself and its development over three decades, but it can also say quite a bit about Jamaican and Caribbean theatre over the same period.

The race for the White House

Obama swerves right By Wayne Brown Talk about a campaign of shocks! Not ten days ago, the outcome of this year’s presidential election seemed already cast, if not in stone, then in ‘quailing’ cement.

A Gardener’s Diary

The Casuarina is a good barrier against salt-laden wind By John Warrington When the rain is bucketing down and everything is awash and bedraggled it can often be enchanting.


Of moans, groans and kidney stones! By Dr Badhri Veerappan Sivaji, Consultant Radiologist What are kidney stones?

Pet Corner

Infectious diseases By Dr Steve Surujbally ContinuedTransmissionThere are several different routes that an infectious agent (germ) can take to enter a new host and make it ill.


Where was chess With Errol Tiwarti Who invented chess? Where did it come from?

Beyond the Gaza ceasefire

By AB Yehoshua AB Yehoshua is one of Israel’s most acclaimed novelists and essayists.

Bookshelf – Filling in the gaps

By Prof S. Arasaratnam, University of New England, Australia David Chanderbali.  Indian Indenture in the Straits Settlements, 1872 – 1910 (Leeds : Peepal Tree Press, 2008.- 233 p.) Indian Indenture in the Straits Settlements is a study of the immigration of Indian indentured labour to the Straits over a period during which this migration was legalized and an institutional structure erected to manage the various stages of the migration process. 

Obituary – Arthur Chung

Arthur Chung, OE, January 10, 1918 – June 23, 2008 Arthur Chung, first president of the republic, died on June 23, aged 90.