Two versions, one road

For the first version, I’m going back in time quite a stretch, back to the early 1950s in my youthful years in West Demerara, first at Hague and then at Vreed-en-Hoop. 


The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) rose 2.90 percent during the third period of trading in August 2018.

The power of popular music

We are seeing it starkly demonstrated once again this week: the power of popular music in our lives, and in particular that of the American music format with a product that is embraced all over the world, even in countries where English is not the national language.

Barn Owl

The Barn Owl (Tyto alba) is found almost everywhere in the world except for the polar and desert regions, Asia north of the Himalayas, most of Indonesia, and some Pacific islands The plumage on head and back is a mottled shade of grey or brown, the underparts vary from white to brown and are sometimes speckled with dark markings.


Allamanda originated in the Caribbean and tropical Americas. It has several different varieties, which in turn have different common names.

Three stalwart sons

I have said it before and often, but some things need repeating: particularly in a time when we see so much to fix in Guyana, we should be also taking time on the obverse to champion what is of value among us in our people. 

Youth mayor calls on peers to give back to Linden

Always someone who is willing volunteer his service, Devon Beckles, the 18-year-old newly appointed Linden Youth Mayor, is calling on his peers to become more involved in volunteerism since it would not only give them much-needed experience, but they would be involved in the development of the mining town.


At the ripe old age of eighty-five, when one is very aware that it is time to make sense of what has happened in one’s life, I have become convinced about two major things.

Right under our noses

Living in Guyana again and becoming caught up in grumbling about this or that like most folks, it has begun to occur to me of late (partly from seeing a variety of video footage and still photographs) that we don’t seem to take the same note of the positives that exist here, right under our noses, along with the other stuff that rightfully draws our indignation. 


Angelonia angustifolia,commonly called Angelonia or Summer Snapdragon,originated in Mexico and the Caribbean. Angelonia is a tropical outdoor perennial which grows upright and bushy. 

It Mek I Wan Fi Dance

Part of my current stint as Artist in Residence at the University of Guyana, in the time of Vice-Chancellor Ivelaw Griffith, has involved interactions with students.