Miscellaneous poisonings

Pet corner

Food poisoningActually, I should call this ‘garbage poisoning’ because most of these toxicities are associated with the ingestion of garbage and the like.


Continued Heat stroke After having dealt so copiously with emergencies associated with poisonings, we may now return to other life-threatening circumstances.

Pet appetite at Christmas

Today, on the threshold of Christmas, we’ll deal with food intake, and next week we will continue with ‘What not to do to pets during the festive seasons.’ Well, Christmas is around the corner and the imbibing and engorging has already begun.


Continued from last week Treatment In those instances when you have actually witnessed the dog ingesting a poisonous substance (rat bait, say), you can at least try to institute immediate supportive remedial action, according to what the poison was, even before you begin your trip to your vet.


Continued from last weekLast week, we dealt with poisonings that occurred because of stings and bites by poisonous insects and other life forms. 


Continued from last week Stings The ‘stings’ of insects introduce a toxic substance (a poison) into the bitten (stung) animal.


Continued Poisons I suppose that if I were to carry out a statistical analysis of all the reasons why animals are most often presented at the clinic, and what the greatest cause of death is, the result would be poisoning.


General considerations Mostly, these columns serve to advise on what owners/ caregivers of companion animals should/could do before carrying the pet to the veterinarian.

Medication misuse

Continued from last week Antibiotics In the practice of human medicine, the misuse, abuse and incorrect use of drugs and all forms of medication must be high on doctors’ lists of frustrating activities carried out by their patients.

Care for the elderly dog

Continued What should the diet of an old dog be? Firstly, we must understand that older dogs – being less active – would need less energy-giving foods (less calories).

Caring for the older dog (canine geriatrics)

Now what is an ‘old dog’? I don’t want to get philosophical and equate the question with the one usually directed to humans (How old is old?) but we can use a rule of thumb and say that one dog year corresponds with seven human years.

On ‘breeding’

Over the past two weeks, we removed our discussions from animal health matters and concentrated on topics that could be of other interest to pet owners, if for no reason that the issues often impact directly on the well being of ourselves and wards.

Dog (Pit Bull) fighting

Last week, we took a break from the current topic of Liver Diseases and discussed the brutality associated with the so-called training of dogs by people who themselves need training.

Dog training concerns

On training dogs In these hard times, everybody is in the business of making a buck – some by dint of hard work, others by devious and odious means.

Other causes of constipation

Proctitis (‘sore bottom’ = irritation of the anus/rectum) In spite of TV shows, booklets and columns such as these, many pet owners still feed their wards incorrectly, and do not follow proven nutritional advice.


Continued Treatment Right at the outset, allow me to state clearly that this is one instance when you really don’t want the pet owner to try, on his/her own, to relieve the constipated animal.

Diarrhoea (Loose bowels)

We have been discussing gastro-intestinal disorders and, consequently, we must mention diarrhoea. But let’s get it straight from the outset: diarrhoea is a sign that something is wrong; it is not the disease itself.

Digestive disorders

I had mentioned in the Pet Corner of April 4, that an accumulation of hair in the stomach, over a period of time, could create a massive hair ball.


Continued Surely I should have found something less taxing and more frivolous to share with you on this good Easter Sunday morning.


Last week, I mentioned that stomach ailments, for example a gastritis episode, could cause vomiting.


After having discussed the ailments associated with the oesophagus (that tube which connects the oral cavity with the stomach), the next step would be to zero in on stomach problems.