Poor treatment at the GPHC

“The worst part was being there and looking at my mommy feeling so uncomfortable on that hard, wooden bench.

Ending the Christmas season

“You know I don’t really get to enjoy me fairy lights and Christmas decorations because now is time to tek down and is like only the other day I put them up,” Marian said with some amount of genuine disappointment.

Watching life pass her by

“I does sit down in the yard all day. I don’t mix or nothing but I does just sit down in the yard because I don’t have nothing to do.” The words of a 21-year-old mother of one who lives in a depressed community in Georgetown.

A woman’s woes

  “You think I am happy?” she asks, her panting signalling that her baby is getting more difficult to carry by the minute.

Struggles of a policewoman

“You think it easy? Let me tell you, the force stinks and if you don’t get a head on you shoulder it will destroy you, tek wah I telling you,” she said forcefully, her face contorting in the process.

‘It’s complicated’

– living with a serial adulterer

“I can’t trust him, when he leaves the house I just know he is going to see somebody and my friends would tell me they does see him…,” she said almost to herself.

Teacher trades private school for public

– takes second job owing to low pay, frets at lack of support from ministry

Some people tend to look like they belong in certain professions. Tonya is one such; her look spells teacher and that has been her career for 16 years.