Are you a Caricom citizen?

During Carifesta in Suriname, I took the opportunity to ask many of the participants a simple yet deep question – Do you think of yourself as a Caricom citizen, why/why not?

I must change these things

I have spent the past two years of my life studying the closest thing to governmental policies and diplomacy at the University of Guyana, International Relations.

Empowering songs

She has lost the blue hair, for now at least, and has come out with an empowerment anthem that pulled the carpet out from under Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” to take the number one spot.

Wear your literacy cap!

On September 8 and 9, Guyana joins the international community in celebrating World Literacy Day which is a celebration of those who have triumphed in learning to read and write; a celebration of those who teach literacy and a call for all to become literate in their language.


April was the final of six consecutive months of reviewing city restaurants and visiting Cafés was the ideal way to close this mission.

Sandwich shops

Done in the month of March, this was a short mission since there are only two prominent sandwich shops in Guyana: Quiznos and Subs and Salads.

Burger joints

There aren’t many restaurants with the word ‘burger’ in their names; maybe JR Burgers is the only one.

Chinese fried rice

This review was done in January, a month where perhaps all business is slow, crash except for the restaurant business; we’re always hungry.


This might be the perfect season for a scrumptious, juicy, mouth-watering slice of pizza, but I did this back in November 2012; it was the first category I did.

Welcome to Guyana

Welcome ‘Summer’ vacationers: members of the Diaspora and the average Guyanese who wants to explore the lost wonder of the world known as Guyana.

Forty years of Caricom

From the inception of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (Caricom) in 1973, economic integration and a viable trading bloc were the incentives behind the regional integration.

The Princess of theatres

The Princess Hotel and Casino has once again made its name a headliner in Guyana with an international entertainment centre which includes an arcade of hundreds of games, two fully functional theatres and even a 7D Theatre.

The brain drain

Since the 70s, the Brain Drain and its effect on every aspect of society have been injurious to our strength as a nation.

Promoting an artistic society

I had been to numerous drama shows but never a musical in Guyana, until the Georgetown International Academy’s (GIA) production of The Lion King.

The Lion King – A Review

On Tuesday evening, the Georgetown International Academy staged The Lion King – (the musical).

Our national symbols

Still in the spirit of Independence, I continue to ponder how our country is viewed.

Happy? Independence

Walk along Avenue of the Republic in Georgetown and you will come across several bridges, some beautifully designed in wrought iron; some with the British insignia, rusted and broken but still there.

Who will be the next Guyana Star?

This week, we present a review on the five who were knocked out; why some should come back and projections on who might win the 2013 Guyana Star GT&T Jingle and Song Competition.

The ten finalists

The ten finalists of the GT&T Jingle and Song Competition have been announced from the list of 15 who competed in the semi-final.

Caribbean night

The semi-final of the GT&T Jingle and Song Competition featured Caribbean Night so the contestants had to bring it home with Soca, Reggae and Dancehall.

GT&T jingle quarter final – a review

Today The Scene commences its seven-week review and analysis of the GT&T Guyana Star Jingle and Song Competition with the Quarter Final/Individual Round which aired last Sunday.

Express yourself

Culture Box

The arts, whether drama, dance, drawing, painting, fashion, is a means of expression.

Visit Guyana

Culture Box

As Guyana warms into the technological and digital age, more and more Guyanese are logging into and being part of the infinite world of possibilities – the internet.

Child’s play

Culture Box

“You ever heard of Saul Out or Hopscotch?” I asked Nixon, son of one of my co-workers.

I am!

Culture Box

I am here! Here in the beautiful, great, green land of Guyana. Land of the floating bridges; land of the Jaguar, the Canje Pheasant and the Victoria Regia; the Mighty Essequibo, the towering Roraima and the vast Rupununi; the golden brown Atlantic Ocean and the colourful people.

Our Guyanese identity

As our 43rd Republic anniversary approaches, some amount of introspection is required. Don’t we all, as we begin a new year of life, look back at the successes and failures of the past?

Femme – a review

Culture Box

Last week saw me at the premiere of three films from local filmmakers, under the banner ‘Femme’, by CineGuyana – the Film Producing Company of Guyana.


Culture Box

For those of you who are subscribed to a cable network, the History Channel’s Bamazon has been on your schedule for the past three months hasn’t it?


Culture Box

Innovation – A new idea, method, device. Innovation – Introduction to something new.

Avinash theatres

Culture Box

The buzz in Guyana right now is about the twin theatres: Kara and Nash, together they are under the ‘Avinash Theatres’ brand and they are the pre-ups to a mega entertainment complex the company is still working on in an effort to remodel Water Street, Georgetown.

Hot, Hot Chutney!

Culture Box

My editor knows that I put Soca and Dancehall in front of every genre of music man can think of, everything else is too profane, too stupid or too annoying.

Guyanese resolution

Culture Box

Hehehehe… well what do you know! We’re alive! No doomsday prophecy (I told ya!) ended the world.

Guyanese Christmas

There is nothing better than the Holiday Season at home, why dream of a white Christmas when you can live happily in your green paradise?

End of the world? Yeah right

Mass hysteria, new religions, blockbuster films, scientific explorations, studies of ancient cultures and lost studies – all centre around the Mayan Prophecy of the ending of the world on December 21, 2012.

My Reality

This is the second week of the month when Culture Box usually does a review on the Month’s History, but we’re making a little exception to share a poem from the last Upscale Poetry Night.


It is a fact that Guyana is a lawless state. In so many ways, we lack the norms of societal etiquette.

An Angry Man

Today, Culture Box returns to highlighting some of Guyana’s poems. This one was performed at Upscale’s Poetry Night this month.

UG bus ride

A generation has gone, a next one rises. On your journey you would expect to be sitting next to some of Guyana’s most decent, intellectual minds.


As usual, the second week of the month is when Culture Box takes you down ‘Memory Lane’.


They say lucky is a word that can always describe Guyana when it comes to natural disasters.

The WHAT song???

Call me a hypocrite now. For months, I have spoken out about how we as a people should never kick our local artists.

When will the curtains close on stupidity?

Thirty-six years and still standing strong; 62 ft towards the sky; 240 ft long and 114 ft wide – the National Culture Centre is the pride of D’Urban Park, Georgetown.


I am starting a tradition of highlighting the events of each particular month at the second week.