Putting drama first

Pardon me for being repetitive, but with the recently concluded graduation of artists across their respective fields under the newly formed Institute of Creative Arts; and the National Drama Festival’s first set of plays to be staged in less than a month, I feel it is my duty to return to arts and its place in our future.

The Umana Yana

In the month we celebrate the aboriginal people of Guyana the tragic destruction of the Umana Yana by fire on September 9 was an unfortunate blow to the heritage and celebration of Amerindian Heritage Month, Guyanese history and our culture.

Celebrating our first peoples

September is the month when we celebrate the first peoples of this land; their culture, their heritage, their history and remember why special attention needs to be placed on protecting their livelihoods, and their land.

Let the music play

Listening to Rihanna earlier this week (not on the radio) plead with the DJ to put the song “pon de replay” and also to “turn the music up” because “all the gyal on the dance floor wantin’ some more” suddenly reminded me that I had not listened to the radio in a while.

Theatre Workshop

For nearly a month now, as part of my ambition to explore the culture and art of dear old Guyana and dive into vacation season I started attending theatre classes after weeks of consultation and advice from dramatists.

Lisa Punch deserves our votes

Social media in Guyana has been on fire since Sunday with “Lisa Punch” and “Rising Star” trending.

Comedy Night at Upscale

There are some people who will say and absolutely believe that Georgetown is a boring city with nothing to see, nothing to do and nothing to experience but I say experiences can come out of nowhere; it is a journey you make yourself to explore, to live and always try new things.

Maya Angelou

World renowned American poet and author Marguerite Ann Johnson, popularly known by her penname Maya Angelou died on Wednesday morning at the age of 86.

Pageant season (Part 2)

When it comes to local pageants Miss Guyana Universe has always been the most anticipated; there must be a great deal of pressure on the wearer of this crown and to a lesser extent, the Miss Guyana World title holder as well.

Pageant season

It’s that time of the year again when the air grows thick with competition and rivalry as a magnitude of pageants unroll.


By Mariatha Causway Aka Jennifer Thomas   In my belly The ultra sound Portrayed your sweetness In profile view.


So we landed and I exited the plane stretching and appreciating the environment.

My next big adventure

As the Chinese Philosopher Lao-tzu taught “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and so a year ago, I made the first step in my commitment to explore this country; its cultures and people, places and things in what I deem would be my ultimate adventure, spiritual even as I try to be in touch with Guyana.