Gospel singer brings Christmas Chutney style

With the Christmas season fast approaching, those looking to celebrate to a different beat need not look far for the music, as a new CD especially for the season by gospel singer Anil Azeez has just been released.

Chutney fete set to fire up Starlite

Hips are expected to sway wildly as the familiar and pulsating sounds of ‘Firewater’ and ‘Mor-tor’ along with other hits blast out later this evening when Neeshan Parboo better known as ‘De Hitman’ and Rikki Jai perform in what is promised to be “chutney music at its best”.

Culture Box

Who says Guyana is a poor country? Okay, we can hear the resounding `me’ being belted out by many because after all it is no secret that our country is poor compared to many.

Tastes Like Home

Let’s be honest, many of us get anxious when we hear that one or more of our guests are vegetarian.

Reality TV model search to jazz up fashion week

The catfights, gossip, hot fashions, parties, runway shows and occasional back-stabbing that all make for must-see model search TV shows in the US will debut here as the committee which organised the electrifying Guyana Fashion Weekend (GFW) rolls out Model Search 2008.

Talented Teen Princess racing to paediatrican dream

Taking home the gold and outdistancing the other runners to win the 100M sprint at the Olympics was once the dream of recently crowned Miss Guyana Talented Teen Trisana Cox but now the former national athlete is concentrating on becoming a paediatrician.


We are not sure what it is, maybe it is the climb of the cost of living, but from all appearances Guyanese citizens seem to be in what is known as a ‘bad mood’ all the time.

Taste Like Home

Hi Everyone, You remember several weeks ago when I told you that I’m nuts for coconuts?

Sonia Noel rocks USVI and St. Kitts Fashion Weekends

If Sonia Noel needed any reassurance her designs rocked the recent Guyana Fashion Weekend, she got it on Sunday last and from two of the Caribbean’s hottest and newest glamour-filled fashion weekends- in the US Virgin Islands and St.

Culture Box

There seems to be a resurgence of sorts of the negative campaign against skinny Guyanese women, and in case anyone is wondering, the crusade was initiated a long time ago.

Taste Like Home

Hi Everyone, there’s a school of thought that if something has been tried, tested and proven to be successful, one should not tamper with it.

‘Biggest’ reggae show on the cards

It is being promoted as the biggest reggae show ever to hit Guyana, a claim that could be disputed if it weren’t for the fact that the persons bragging are the ones who gave us the huge, hyped and unforgettable Beres Hammond/Maxi Priest concert two years ago.

Culture Box

The lip-service apology that Akon paid to Trinidadian Danah Alleyne in the song, for the public humilation he subjected her to, “Sorry, Blame it on me” should have been widely panned for the hogwash that it is and not accepted as another hit for the singer.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, Cocoa, coffee, Milo, Ovaltine, Horlicks, hot chocolate, Bournvita, Lipton, anything to which we add hot water, sugar and milk, we call tea.

Entertainers, promoters seeking strength in unity

The familiar saying, “In unity there is strength’ is beginning to take root among Guyanese entertainers and promoters who are in a push to form what would be called the Guyana Entertainers Association (GEA).

Sidewalk screens The Agronomist

Jean L. Dominique, Haiti’s most prominent journalist was slain, along with the groundskeeper of his radio station, Radio Haiti Inter, on April 3, 2000 by unidentified gunmen.