Women in uniform…

If there is one thing the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) is not synonymous with it is pageants.

Shanto king eyes two more crowns this year

Shanto ‘King’ Young Bill Rogers has his eyes set on both calypso crowns up for grabs this year and if all goes as planned his piece, “Ah Guyanese Integration” will be next big hit on the local scene.

‘When Las’ launches television production

‘How you like yuh TV?’ Answer this question today when a new local programme, which explores Guyanese and Caribbean customs and traditions, premieres on television this afternoon.

Getting children ready

The Georgetown Reading and Research Centre (GRRC) on Thursday launched a library programme through which children aged 11 years and under, countrywide, can borrow books to read from the centre, free of charge.

Tastes Like Home 2

Hi Everyone,When last did you have a nice big glass of ice-cold, homemade mauby – the frosty beads of water on the glass from the coldness, the ice twirling in the glass, the heady scent of the ripened bark mixed with clove and cinnamon, the slight froth at the top indicating that it’s been properly brewed?

Prince Ally launches new reggae album

“Bringing reggae in a whole different style” is what Canada-based Guyanese Ahmad ‘Prince’ Ally hopes to do with an album he has put together with other artistes and has released on the local market.

Culture Box

Tanks, tubes and spaghetti strap tops are back and seem to be all the rage.

‘Mash in Guyana’ turns 20

Rudy Grant’s infectious “Mash in Guyana”, which has become the unofficial anthem of Mashramani has been going strong for 20 years and though he modestly says it comes as a surprise, there were early indications it was going to be around for a long time.

Eion Greaves sticks to his ‘plan’

If someone had asked any local music fan ten years ago, who was the leading gospel artiste in Guyana, their answer would most likely have been “Eion Greaves”.

Scene Stealer

Many would have heard his voice on the radio and depending on how much you are into dancehall reggae would have heard it on mixed tapes/discs and unwittingly taken part in the evolution of a boss DJ.

Oh home on a plate!

Hi Everyone There was a time when you could not find bora in Barbados so the first time I walked into one of the supermarkets and saw bora I trembled with excitement.

Fojo launches ‘Woman’ video

Continuing to make an impact on the local entertainment scene Fojo received accolades from the special invitees present to witness the launch of his R&B production “Woman” last Friday.

Casino bill adjourned

With stiff opposition from the religions, the debate on the contentious bill to enable casino gambling had to be adjourned to Monday after a record 30 MPs indicated their intention yesterday to speak on the topic and the government showed no sign of budging from the plan to have it passed quickly.

Nineteen in line-up to dethrone Dutchin

On February 3, Guyanese and more particularly Linden party fans are going to witness the first instalment of this year’s Carib Soca Monarch competition and it’s bound to have a few surprises.

Teen queen finds balance between pageantry and studies

You won’t find many 16-year-olds attending Guyana’s highest learning institution, but Miss Guyana Talented Teen 2006 believes starting advanced studies young could open many doors for her in the future.

Leslyn Lashley: born dancing

When Le Classique Dance Company held its production, Alley Cats, a few months ago the choreography was excellent and the dancers were good but Leslyn Lashley was better than good.

Craving the taste

Hi Everyone, The aroma of ‘married-man pork’ (sweet basil) and thyme fills the kitchen as I lift the lid of the steamer.


Weddings are joyous occasions but there are some aspects of the day that some of us would cut short if it weren’t for that thing called tradition.

Scene Stealer 2

Before Star Guyana, Lisa Punch was just a young girl with big dreams, a good voice and two dancing feet.

It’s Taz time

Having just graduated from high school this born and bred Georgetown resident has decided that the time is right for her to pursue her dream of becoming a successful artiste.

Tastes Like Home

This week The Scene begins a new series. ‘Tastes Like Home’ by Cynthia Nelson explores our relationship with food.

One to watch…

Upscale Restaurant’s resuscitated poetry night is usually interesting but on Tuesday night things got really exciting when little Ryan Benschop took to the microphone and performed a piece called, “I Got Women Trouble”.

Culture Box

Judging from its exterior the new City Mall is an added attraction to the active Regent/Camp streets and after a mere five minutes inside and you get the impression it is a shopper’s dream, well in Guyana that is.