Miss World Guyana leaves for China

Miss World Guyana 2018 Ambika Ramraj departed for China on Thursday, November 8, a month before the Miss World pageant scheduled for December 8, in Sanya where she will compete with contestants from 120 countries.

Beach bikini ‘boxxing’ event for Splashmins

Guyanese will experience the first ever Women Beach Bikini ‘Boxxing’ Competition (the xx denoting that it is adult entertainment) slated for November 11, at the Splashmins Fun Park and Resort.

Shivanie Latchman is Mrs India Guyana

Dancer and leader of the Ishara Dance Troupe Shivanie Latchman was revealed as the new Mrs India Guyana during a ceremony that saw ten contestants sashed for the Miss India Guyana pageant on Sunday last, in front of a sold-out audience at the M&M Banquet Hall.

How the Walkers created an Oasis

— 13 years and counting

What initially began as having a good cup of coffee in Georgetown Guyana has led to 13 years of service for Oasis Café where patrons have been visiting for breakfast, lunch or dinner comprising all kinds of mouthwatering delights.

Making a big deal, Miss Berbice contestants to be sashed

The Miss Berbice ‘I’m a Big Deal’ Pageant has kicked off its second edition and will be sashing ten contestants from across the county next Saturday, October 20, on the lawns of State House in New Amsterdam.

Ten to vie for Miss India Guyana 2018

Ten young women have been shortlisted for the Miss India Guyana 2018 pageant from a list of 35 applicants from across the three counties of Guyana.

Miss World Guyana hosts fundraisers to help get Ambika to China

This evening the Miss World Guyana Pageant Organization will host ‘Runway to Sanya’, the first of three fundraising events in aid of sending Guyana’s Miss World representative Ambika Ramraj to the international leg of the pageant set for December 8, in Sanya, China.

Authenticity above all else – designer Micheal Sam

“I’m an authentic individual. I have a lot of potential in me. I want to go forward and conquer the world like anybody else who did so… regardless of their situations and circumstances,” said designer Micheal Sam, whose designs have been turning heads.

Nathaya Whaul joins ‘Days like Dese’

“Days like Dese” Season 2, Episode 2 had its first airing on Friday September 21, on Atlantic Cable Fresh Channel 1 and saw the addition of Nathaya Whaul playing Susan Rupaul, the wife of David Rupaul.

Ransford Simon: The young artist with the magic fingers

Eighteen-year-old Ransford Simon is fast becoming recognised for his paintings and drawings. Ransford’s work has blown up on Facebook, particularly a painting called ‘Mother’s Love’, which captured three generations of an Indigenous tribe—mother, daughter and grandson—in an affectionate embrace.

Four to vie for Miss Cultured Guyana crown

Four young women were last Saturday sashed as contestants of this year’s Miss Cultured Guyana Pageant at the St Joseph High School in front of a small gathering.

Lifestyle and fashion: An integrated duo

It’s amazing how your interests and priorities shift as you grow older. Fashion month is passing through Milan as you read this and, believe it or not, I haven’t felt the urge to indulge in my usual swooning over the collections online.

A lesson from Nike

Our consumption patterns are directly linked to our value system. No matter how we try to alter our perception of fashion, each time we consume it is directly linked to personal choice and a clear reflection of our politics and disposable income among other things.

Jamaican dancehall sensation to perform at the National Park

Popular Jamaican dancehall singer Masicka is expected to hit the National Park stage on September 29, for his ‘They don’t know my story’ concert compliments of Lion Heart Entertainment, Guinness and Kings of Kings Records and Productions.

SASOD to screen award-winning African movie

As the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) continues its Painting the Spectrum 14 Film Festival, award-winning African film Tchindas will be one of the two screenings that explore lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) rights, culture and history.

‘Days Like Dese’ back on television

Season 2 of “Days Like Dese”, which consists of 6 episodes, was hit the television last Friday evening on 8 channels and will continue until the end of November.

Coconut oil: It’s not ‘pure poison’

Hi Everyone, I’m sure you must have read or heard of the recent news report coming out of the lecture: ‘Coconut Oil and other Nutritional Errors’ by Dr Karin Michels in which she declared that coconut oil is “pure poison” and “one of the worst foods you can eat”.