Stanford 20/20: cricket and culture

Stanford 20/20 cricket is the real deal. It is entertaining, energetic, colourful and all the action takes place in the space of a few hours.

Culture Box

And the Grammy goes to, wait a minute, did we hear right? Amy Winehouse.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, On my plate this week is Jamaica’s national dish, ackee and salt fish.

Casting for GFX starts tomorrow

Casting for the Guyana Fashion Xpo begins tomorrow, as the designers behind the anticipated fashion extravaganza search for the right looks for the catwalk.

The Tumblers, Robert Hatcher are coming

Guyana is set to be entertained next month, when the Calypso Tumblers come to town over the Easter weekend for the Calypso Fury concert.

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For an art form rich in culture, dating back even before the first Mashramani and one that is well respected in the Caribbean and further afield, calypso is being poorly treated by the private sector in this country, which is depressing and downright difficult to accept.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, Growing up, I was tortured by porridge. The only kind of porridge that I could bear was sago porridge.

Full line-up of calypso monarchy contenders for Bartica semis

Out of respect for the tragedy at Lusignan the Adult Calypso competition quarterfinals was cancelled last Saturday so the full line-up of performers will be in Bartica tonight campaigning for the title when the semi-finals is held.

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The pain of ‘breaking in’ new footwear was excruciatingly and vividly brought home to me this week when I had to do just that.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, In life one should never say “never,” so I won’t say it.

Strong line-up of calypsonians sends message to Rebel

VAT, otherwise known as “de pressure”, the culture of poverty in Sophia, foreign loans, and a wisecracking doctor are among the barrel of social commentary that rolls into the city next weekend when the adult calypso competition kicks off at the National Park.

Culture Box

Did someone say J’ouvert? As in the all-night-til-morning party that leaves you high on, well party vibes, we hope, though many persons out there probably have stories to tell of getting high on something else?

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, I owe Barbados, for my love of the golden apple. In Guyana, I had seen and eaten a couple of golden apples, but I never got the lure of this fruit with its prickly seed.

Classique reloads ‘Dance Like You Do’

The beauty, fire and intensity of Classique’s Dance Company’s popular production, ‘Dance Like You Do’ returns to the stage of the National Cultural Centre for one night only tomorrow, but with fresh new dances and performers.

The Alternative set to shake up Mash

They are new. They are bold. They are ready. And if they are right, Mashramani and some of its related activities will never be the same again.

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Ever unobtrusively observe someone’s face and think ‘what if it cracks?’ Or wonder about who was underneath there?

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, Choka is one of the most pleasurable of foods I’ve ever eaten.

Malo says on top of his game

Confident, bold, and with promises of surprises, a fireman, two party boys, a singer recently returned from the fashion world, and a wall breaker are some of the persons hoping to be crowned king (or queen) of Soca this year.

Model search reality show begins

After some two months of waiting to see who made the shortlist for a chance to be Guyana’s next top model, the Guyana Model Search (GMS) finally debuted on television on Wednesday night but the models were only briefly featured.

Is it safe?

In the 1976 thriller film The Marathon Man, Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman stars as university student and distance runner Thomas ‘Babe’ Levy, who is captured and tortured over his brother’s activities as a spy, of which he knows nothing.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, Whether I am eating pepper raw, boiled or in pepper sauce, I like it so hot that I am barely able to breathe through my nose.

Culture Box

Ever felt like beating up on someone, or just holding them at your mercy?

Lucky B is back for Mash

He announced his retirement from the music industry almost a year ago and since then has taken up fashion designing, but Lucky B is staging a comeback for Mashramani this year.

Woodside in Joseph encore next week

The Woodside Choir’s reproduction of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is set for an encore production later this month following countless reviews praising its rock solid cast and its excellence.

US$1,500, bragging rights up for grabs in Shabeau ‘Style Off’

Salon stylists across the Caribbean will soon pull out the hot combs, flat irons, pieces and hair products and their God-given talents when Shabeau Magazine presents Style Off ’08, the hair show and battle that is being touted as the biggest ever in the region.

Beenie Man: Undisputed indeed!

It is impossible to dispute Beenie Man’s self-proclaimed ‘King of the Dancehall’ title when the Jamaican stood alone for nearly two hours appeasing and pleasing the largely jaded Guyanese crowd that turned up at the National Park two Saturdays ago, expecting a packed show which turned out to be a one-man performance.

Shabeau ready to launch new ‘Face’ contest

Shabeau Magazine is ready to splash a new face on its cover and has begun planning for its 2008 competition; looking for franchise holders in countries across the region.

Right Choices, disappointing premiere

The premiere of Right Choices, Bunny Alves’ locally produced film, last year was disappointing, but the producer plans to launch it again with the hope that it would receive better support.

Home for the holidays: C.M. Rubin

Best-selling children’s author C.M. Rubin, who is largely unknown in the Caribbean but is Guyanese-born, left British Guiana at the age of six, but she vividly remembers her childhood, from the street she grew up on to the interior design of the home she left and even where her aunt kept decorations for Christmas.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, You can turn up your nose all you like, scoff all you like and even feel sorry for me if you like, the fact is, there is nothing quite like opening a can of sardines to whip up a fast, delicious meal.

Culture Box

A film we would recommend is the recently released The Great Debaters. We have seen it twice and have every intention of seeing it again; it is that good.

Singin’ in the Rain starts off 2008 season of Classic Tuesdays

The American musical Singin’ in the Rain is the choice for next week’s ‘Classic Tuesdays’ at the National Gallery, Castellani House Co-directed in 1952 by Stanley Donen and dancer Gene Kelly, Singin’ in the Rain opens the 2008 season of ‘Classic Tuesdays’ on January 8 at 6 pm, a release from Castellani House said.

2009 Miss Tourism Amazon pageant launched

The year 2008 may have just begun, but already persons are making plans for events for 2009 as is the case with the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manniram Prashad, who has set up a special committee to plan and execute a Miss Tourism Amazon pageant billed for next year.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, This has been a delicious, adventurous, educational year in the kitchen for me.

Culture Box

The idea of spending Christmas behind bars must be depressing. You would think that it would make a Grinch out of any holiday enthusiast, but the men at Camp Street who are actually on ‘lock down’ appear to be a different lot.

Winter in Hitsville

Some things in life really are just too good to be true even if we chose to ignore the clich

Beenie to close year in live entertainment

The ‘Undisputed’ King of the Dancehall headlines the Guinness Christmas Jam at the National Park tonight in what is expected to be another show of his lyrical prowess and hardcore dancehall style.

Detour to dancehall

As reggae’s best-selling living artist, Shaggy took a detour from the mainstream this year.