My memorable 12

Hi Everyone, I cooked this year but not as much as you would think, due to a rather hectic travel and work schedule.

Feasting at Christmas

Hi Everyone, By the time you read this, the Pepperpot would have been made, the garlic pork set, the ham defrosted and possibly baked, the sorrel and ginger beer made and the Christmas cake, baked.

Garlicky Pork

Hi Everyone, It is traditional at this time of the year that we have large hunks of meat as roasts, especially for the large family gatherings.

Pat & Yohann’s Potato Salad

Hi Everyone, A Sunday afternoon in the kitchen with my sister, Pat, and my cousin, Yohann, was an occasion where too many cooks did not spoil the broth, or in this case, the potato salad.

The market meet-up pt. 2P

Hi Everyone, You will recall last month (October), I invited you to a meet-up so that we could go eat at the Stabroek Market Cook Shops and show support for this vibrant part of Guyana’s street-food culture.

Real Bajan Privilege

Hi Everyone, If you haven’t yet, then I urge you to pick up a copy of Barbadian Austin Clarke’s food memoir, Pig Tails ‘n Breadfruit: Rituals of Slave Food.

Bread made easy

Hi Everyone, ●    Do you like making bread? ●    Are you intimidated by the traditional process of  having to knead and proof the dough twice?

A celebration of simplicity: Egg Fried Rice

Hi Everyone, Let me start with a cliché – with apologies to all English teachers the world over – “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  The other day I heard that there is still a stigma attached to buying Egg Fried Rice. 

Let’s meet-up

Market cook-shops

Hi Everyone, “This is a cultural thing, you know. I been buying from this one shop here for more than 40 years now.” Stabroek Market cook-shop customer.

Impromptu cooking

Hi Everyone, have you ever noticed how great food tastes when it’s a dish you didn’t plan or don’t quite have the ingredients for it, or you just threw it together on the spur of the moment?

Take sea salt health claims with a grain of salt!

Hi Everyone, The salt war has come home. Last week, Canadian Professor of Nephrology, Euan Carlisle, while responding to a question about the possible cause of the large number of renal failure cases in Guyana (at the opening of The Doobay Renal Centre), said that a contributing factor might be that our diets are loaded with too much sodium.

Let’s discuss: Bunjal versus Curry

Hi Everyone, “A lot of people don’t realize that there is a difference between bunjal and curry you know,” declared the winner of last year’s Duck Curry Competition put on by the Guyanese Association of Barbados (GABI). 

A fire-roasted smash up

Upar Gaar – another Choka

Hi Everyone, I have a confession to make. I’ve known about this choka for several months now but I’ve been reluctant to share it with you.

A pork bun homage

Hi Everyone, There are many pork buns and pork sandwiches out there, each with its own legion of worshippers and adoring fans, but there is one that has stolen my heart, rendered me helpless and always desperate with longing – Momofuku’s Pork Buns.

Roti – Eating at its best

Hi Everyone, I receive a lot of emails from people crying out in frustration wondering why their once soft, fluffy, hot roti has gone dry or hard by the afternoon.

Yangzhou Fried Rice

Hi Everyone, last August when I was in Guyana and on the hunt for Chinese food, pastries, etc, you know, a taste of home, everyone kept telling me that I must try the Yangzhou fried rice.

Fried rice primer

Hi Everyone, A good Fried Rice is a dish that many of us aspire to perfect.

Simple, easy, quick

- It’s all relative

Hi Everyone, Cooking is simple. Cooking is easy. Cooking is quick. Yeah, only if you are adept at what you are doing!

About cooking rice

Hi Everyone, All rice is not created equal. Therefore, all rice is not cooked with the same water to rice ratio or using the same cooking methods.

Nice fluffy dumplings

Hi Everyone, last month, I received an email from my editor at Stabroek News, in which she relayed the contents of a letter sent to the newspaper.

No secret: Boiled Ripe Plantains

Hi Everyone, When it comes to food, I do not have secrets. If you want to know how I’ve made something, I’ll gladly tell you.

Move over smoked Herring

…there are other smoked fish in town

Hi Everyone, people the length and breath of the Caribbean have a serious love for smoked Herring aka red Herring.

A Lesson on Bake and Shark

Hi Everyone, If there is one thing that you must have when you make a trip to the land of the humming bird, Trinidad and Tobago, it is bake and shark.

Guyanese Cheese Pie

Hi Everyone, A few weeks ago, I received a request for a recipe for Cheese Pie, “the kind that sells at Salt and Pepper.” The request came from a regular reader of this column.

A Boil & Fry

Hi Everyone, a plate of boil and fry of any ground provision or a combination thereof is so satisfying that all you need is one meal of it and you are set to go for a very long time – sometimes an entire day!

My heart is beet-ing

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, I’ve fallen in love, With beets. Food can be like people sometimes – you see them often, but never pay attention.

Choka in a hurry

Hi Everyone, I have an idea to share with you. While it may not be original, I think I can safely say that perhaps many of you never thought of doing it.

We have a cuisine

Hi Everyone, on the morning of Wednesday, November 21, 2007, I received an email from an avid reader of this column and my blog.

An eating pleasure

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, Food never fails to surprise. You could have been eating a particular dish over and over again throughout your life and yet every time you eat it, new flavour dimensions are discovered.

Keep it fresh

Hi Everyone, This is a fresh column. It is the first for 2011 but I do not plan to bandy words such as vegetables, vegetarian, diet and healthy.

The Christmas cake

Holiday baking success

Part 2 Hi Everyone, this week, we continue our Holiday Baking Success series by looking at the all-important Christmas cake.

Holiday baking success

Hi Everyone, ‘Tis the season the oven gets most fired up. ‘Tis the season baking takes centre stage in the cooking arena.