Seeing red

Hi Everyone, I’m seeing red, but I’m not angry. On the contrary, I am quite delighted.

Picnic eating

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is Mashramani and apart from the main event – the parade of costumes and bands in various parts of the country – the number one activity that many will be participating in is some form of picnic.

In support of calypso

To close off three weeks of writing about the local music scene, I am zooming in on a genre that in Guyana at least, seems to have lost its steam.

The less you know…

Hi Everyone, A couple of years ago, no, wait almost 4 years ago (where does the time go?!) I wrote telling you about an amazing cornbread I had at a barbeque restaurant in the United States.

Hot Fluffy Rice

Hi Everyone, Taken for granted though indispensable for many meals, plainly cooked-rice is content and secure in its supportive role.

The hype and being informed

Hi Everyone, There is way too much misinformation about food out there. Those with influence give the impression that one-size-fits-all when it comes to food and making choices.

End of season jam

Hi Everyone,  with the end of the Sorrel season quickly closing in, I wanted to share with you a way in which you can still enjoy the flavour of sorrel beyond the season.

Back to basics

Weekday food & weekend food

Hi Everyone,  One of the things about communicating is knowing when to say what, to whom, and how to say it.

A Memorable Year

Hi Everyone, It’s been another memorable year for Tastes Like Home. It was often the simple things that evoked the most memories.

A real boozy pudding

Hi Everyone,  De Trini(s) might never let me back in deh country for what I have done with their beloved Punch de Crème but I think if they stop long enough to taste my Punch de Crème Bread Pudding they might forgive me.

Mayonnaise or Aïoli?

Hi Everyone, I have a friend visiting who is watching her cholesterol intake and so each morning, I make her scrambled egg whites.

Lemongrass: One of a kind flavour

Last week’s recipe of Thai fish cakes – that included a signature ingredient in Thai cuisine, lemongrass – prompted questions from several readers about the use of the lemongrass stalk.