The Last Word

A woman on her bicycle. ( photo)
A woman on her bicycle. ( photo)

Be good to you

It has been close to a month and I haven’t been on my bicycle nor have I engaged in any form of exercise.

Price should not be a mystery

I don’t like mysteries especially when pricing is involved. To this day I have never understood why businesses continuously publish and advertise items online in hope of capturing potential consumers but are reluctant to publicly display the prices.

Misery and hope

About nine years ago, I remember being deeply distressed at not being able to do a fashion internship I had secured.

Salina Cruickshank

Cruickshank’s pandemic strategy

With the death toll continuing to climb and an upsurge of COVID-19 cases globally, the future can seem bleak for many who have been navigating new businesses this year.

Thinning hair

I have a very complex relationship with my hair. I love what it used to be and though I am actively trying to get it back there, it sometimes feels like it would be much easier to allow myself to get side tracked on the days it doesn’t co-operate.

Conquering shame

Shame is unpleasant and uncomfortable. It can fill you with so much humiliation that sometimes if feels better to just ignore the incident that has caused it.

Self-care and loss

The deaths of Joel, Isaiah and Haresh are still fresh on my mind, even though I feel less guilty about being alive this week in comparison to last week.

Painful words

It has been a painful week for all Guyanese. The murders of Joel and Isaiah Henry and Haresh Singh left me feeling depleted, to the point where I feel guilty of even thinking of experiencing any form of joy in the foreseeable future.

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump arrives to speak during the Republican National Convention in the Rose Garden of the White House on Aug. 25. Photographer: Michael Reynolds/EPA/Bloomberg

Militant Melania

The news coming out of America as it relates to violence against Black people for the past three months in particular has been extremely traumatic to acknowledge.

Practicing mindfulness

This past week has been awkward. My sleeping patterns have been out of whack and it felt like I subjected myself to an obscene amount of unnecessary screen time out of sheer boredom.

First Lady Arya Ali (Photo by Latchman Singh)

Soft diplomacy

Fashion has always offered us an optical dialogue rich with social, economic, and political connotations for those who dare to study it closely and unravel its true meaning.

The same requests

Guyana’s political impasse has been brought to an abrupt end thankfully, but unfortunately at the expense of loss of life in Bath Settlement earlier on in year and the psychological scarring of young schoolchildren making their way from school.

Craving escapism

I am craving a form of escapism. Pre-Covid, we lived with so much excess that it was exhausting for me and a lot of the people I knew.

Presidential candidate Irfaan Alli (right)

Sartorial differences

At the time of writing this, a declaration had not yet been made for the general and regional elections which were held in March.

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