Fleeting happiness

Christmas is my favourite holiday but it is also one of the more emotionally awkward holidays.

Who gets respect?

Every time I come across a scandal in fashion that involves a racist or gesture, I note that there is a standardized processing pattern.

That silver lining

Global news overwhelms me, but not acknowledging the world’s state of affairs makes me feel even more miserable.

Edges need love

I have been overwhelmed with the responsibilities of life, so much so that I have started to neglect my hair.

Lifestyle and fashion: An integrated duo

It’s amazing how your interests and priorities shift as you grow older. Fashion month is passing through Milan as you read this and, believe it or not, I haven’t felt the urge to indulge in my usual swooning over the collections online.

A lesson from Nike

Our consumption patterns are directly linked to our value system. No matter how we try to alter our perception of fashion, each time we consume it is directly linked to personal choice and a clear reflection of our politics and disposable income among other things.

The Sunday fashion sermon

I haven’t been to Sunday mass in quite a while. Living in Belgium, I failed miserably when it came to finding a church that held services in English.

Pride is money

There are no words to express how it feels to move through a European city during Pride Week.

Not a walking trophy

I have had the song “Walking Trophy” by Hood Celebrity, real name Tina Pinnock, on repeat for the last two to three weeks.

Less is more

I always question the idea of new trends. In this digital era, there is an immediacy – the internet allows fashion to transform, but it still feels like we have seen it all before and now more than ever.

Wedding of the season

I had promised myself that I wouldn’t get sucked into to the Royal Wedding hype, just as I didn’t when Kate and William got married but this one is hard to ignore because the optics resemble a true fairytale.

Kanye’s sneakers a fashion fog

Fashion is probably the truest reflection of our economic status. It is a common ground that no human being can deny being part of even if they are genuinely disinterested in it.

Creating amid chaos

Death is inevitable for all. Despite its inevitability, however, it always somehow manages to shock us in some way when it happens.

The importance of staying true to ourselves

– a not-so-subtle message from Cardi B

Maybe it is the visuals—everyone I grew up with now has a baby—or the cheeky reminder by some that my biological clock is ticking, but now and more than ever, I find myself thinking of being a mother and the changes that will bring.

Black Panther style

I feel unprepared to go see Black Panther at the cinema. Partially because I am in the middle of moving to a new house, but mostly because I think I can’t possibly come up with something appropriate to wear.

Political, casual fashion

Maybe it’s social media and feeling the need to constantly update feeds with click bait posts, or the psychological need for self-actualization but this era seems to be the one mostly involved in the social charge for all types of rights.

Men’s Fashion Week

Once every month, I despise being a woman. Despite becoming like clockwork, my period always manages to turn me into the most moody and frightful person no matter how hard I try to manage my emotions.

Controversial consumption

After watching about ten different “Black Mirror” episodes in total from different seasons on Netflix, the idea that technology will eventually change us all seems disturbing and undesirable.

Things to leave in 2017

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2017 we should probably consider not taking exhausted trends and terrible habits into 2018 with us.

Confidently beautiful

Over the last two years my interest in pageants has dwindled. I have found them to be terribly Eurocentric and disempowering to women in general.