The Last Word


Avoiding ‘maskne’

It is hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was complaining about price gouging for masks and hand sanitizers where I live as well as looking for toilet paper helplessly and stocking up on non-perishable food items.

Questioning our double standards

As we continue to observe and/or participate in the Black Lives Matter protests across the globe, I have been reflecting on how we racialize some certain aspects of black fashion and culture.

Seeking a sense of normalcy

With the pandemic continuing to wreak havoc on our lives and the global economy most of us are trying to become accustomed to the new normal.

Pandemic cooking

I have always enjoyed cooking for more than one reason. Satisfaction from seeing people whom I care for eat meals I prepared has been one of my biggest motivators.

No one will be the same after this

As most of us start to come to terms with the idea of our temporary new normal and practice social distancing, slowly but surely our tastes and what we now want to prioritize are changing.

Retaining a sense of self

Social distancing, washing your hands, staying two metres apart from people, and working from home if you can, are all pieces of advice you have probably been hearing for the past week at a more intense rate.

Naomi Campbell during one of her pre-flights sanitising routines.

Coronavirus and the excess

Last year when supermodel Naomi Campbell shared her tips for travelling, which included sanitizing her entire plane seat, most people were slightly alarmed with the drastic levels she went to in order to ensure her safety.

Machel and Renee at their wedding.

Machel and Renee’s way

My personal taste for weddings leans toward small and intimate, but for some strange reason I always enjoy the over-the-top grandeur for other people.

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