Plus size developments

Far too often in the fashion industry we override certain developments and movements because fashion has this crazy partisan attitude attached to it.

Spice and July trends

Not too many female dancehall artists in the Caribbean have managed to acquire a social media following like Spice and establish stable brand identity.

Granger’s style

It’s been just over a month since the new government has been in power and boy oh boy was I dying to see the wardrobe of the new President!

The ‘Granny’ dress

Dress – Colours Robb Street; MUA Renee Chester (Photos by Gareth Daley)It’s impossible to get dressed and not think of what other people may think of your outfit, especially if you happen to be a fashion conscious person.

‘Summer’ buys

We have become fixated with using the word “summer” for the months July and August and having adapted the season terminology, we also take everything that comes with it.

Lisa’s formal chic

I got the chance to style Lisa Punch again last Saturday for the Swearing-In Ceremony for President David Granger.

Coalition style

During the course of the election season, I played stylist to Lisa’s image for her rally appearances.

Who wore what

The Last Word

This week my focus is on the style diary of the women who performed at the GDF Anniversary concert last week: Guyanese Jacki Jaxx and Timeka Marshal and Jamaican Tanya Stephens.  

Local trends

I did a bit of shopping and browsing locally about a week ago, as I’m trying my best to stay away from internet shopping.

Plus fashion

Over the years, the fashion industry has learnt to become more accommodating and welcoming to all women.

Fabulous Lystra

UK-based Guyanese style icon Lystra Adams, commonly referred to as ‘the Queen of Instagram’ is possibly the most vivacious Caribbean woman of style to follow on the social media platform-Instagram.

Kes and Bang Bang TT

Kees Dieffenthaller, lead singer of Kes the Band, is incredibly gorgeous. I don’t know what your taste buds are like, but when it comes to men, if they’re talented, ambitious and good looking, they are ‘my type’.

Meiling’s backlash

Meiling officially launched her entire ‘Borrowed from The Boys’ Collection last year at HomeTT in Trinidad.