250th anniversary of the Great Uprising, 1763

The 1763 Monument

The 1763 Berbice uprising is commemorated by the 1763 monument more popularly known as the ‘Cuffy monument,’ although the sculptor never approved of that moniker.

Video: The beginning of the Uprising

By Ineke Velzing An edited extract from Velzing’s unpublished MA thesis, University of Amsterdam Revolutionary plans The uprising was a premeditated plan in which slaves from various plantations were involved right at the outset.

The Berbice and Canje Rivers today

Photos by Arian Browne

Sand pontoon and tug, Berbice River The Sandhills stelling Travelling on the Canje River Rocking chairs on a stelling Boys on a river landing Schoolgirls from Kimbia Primary Paddling a canoe at St Lust, Berbice River Kimbia Primary School

Grand plans, tactics and letters

(The following article is an edited version of a ‘History this week‘ column which was first published in Stabroek News on February 17, 2000 under the caption ‘The 1763 Uprising’.) The 1763 Uprising is one of the great risings of the Caribbean.

Why did the Uprising fail?

(An edited version of a ‘History this week’ column which was published in Stabroek News on February 24, 2000) The story of the internecine strife which occurred among the revolutionaries in 1763 has passed into popular folk-lore.